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As an adult living away from home, it's your time to find yourself & shine. With this freedom however comes responsibility, therefore it is important you are aware of your obligations under the Terms of the Glasan Lease and Irish Tenancy Law. Please take 2 minutes to read the following - it's your life, your choice.

You are responsible for your

Own Personal Safety


You are responsible not to impede the safety and/or security of your sharers


You are responsible for the security of your rented property & its contents


You are responsible for Visitors to your accommodation - invited or not


You are responsible not to behave in a way that is deemed Anti Social 

- cause excessive noise

- be threatening or abusive

- cause fear or intimidation

- effect the welfare or wellbeing of others

- interfere with the peaceful occupation of others

- cause injury, damage or loss to any person



- Expulsion from your accommodation without reference

- Your college qualification

- Criminal Record

- Foreign Visa denied - forget your trip to Oz, Canada or the US

- Public Sector jobs denied; teaching, medicine, nursing

- Youth and Sports work denied

- Physical Health

- Mental Health


- Feel free to visit or call Glasan Office: 091 773333

- Glasan Oniste Security Mobile No: 087 2066862

- Glasan Emergency Security No. 087/086 2474799

- GMIT students union  www.gmitsugalway.com

- Residential Tenancy Law   www.prtb.ie

- Mill St. Garda Station 091 538000

- Students Union of Ireland www.usi.ie









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