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Spring's coming!

Although it still feels very wintery here in Christchurch, New Zealand, spring is only 4 weeks away! By then, most of you will be too busy to even think about monitoring your hives — but also so busy you can't afford not to invest in a dramatic efficiency boost!

So now is the best time to think about placing your orders. If you're new to this, it's easy to get started, and you only need to start small with a hive or two. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

You can place an order online here, or just call us any time on +64 3 741 1204 if you'd rather chat.

Did you know you could...

Up next in the list of nifty things you can do with our system: location tracking.

As well as monitoring hive weight, etc., you also can view the full location history of any of your systems, as well as the weather at the time for that location. Just click “Location history” above your hive graph.

We also provide a standalone GPS Theft Tracker (also satellite-connected, so it can track any remote location) which you can use to track individual hives, without need a full satellite hub.