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Free Poetry

January Poetry

January Poetry

See January Poetry: Resolutions, snow, wisdom and rhymes.


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Featured this month

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January Poetry

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In January we transition from our Read and Sing Home-to-School Book Club

Read and Sing Home-to-School Book Club Read and Sing Home-to-School Book Club

to Elephant and Piggie!

NEW Elephant and Piggie Family Book Club Envelope Cover

(Includes Waiting
is Not Easy!)

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High Frequency Word Stamps

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Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core: Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy

seminar literacy manual

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Nellie Edge Online Seminars coming in March.

1. Multisensory ABC Phonics Immersion

2. Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters!

3. High-Frequency “Heart Words”

Each 30 - 40 minute seminar features the same quality, high-energy presentation as a live Nellie Edge seminar, only divided into single strategies with short bursts of practical, targeted content that you can study, review, and easily implement in your classroom. Read more.

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2. Download Our Latest Support for

Kindergarten Writing and The Common Core: Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy!

by Nellie Edge

We are pleased to hear that Kindergarten Study Groups are using our writing program for ongoing dialog into best teaching practices. Just in case you do not have all of our latest supports: Here are the links to view or download:

You may also view our beautiful and growing collection of Pinterest Boards for Kindergarten Writing.

seminar literacy manual

Writing Program available for purchase online.

Research consistently shows that highly skilled, engaging teachers can reduce the achievement gap. What are the inspired practices these accomplished teachers use to create a welcoming classroom and accelerate literacy for all children? How do we intentionally create a joyful community of self-motivated children who not only learn how to write and read, but also LOVE to write and read? Expand your repertoire with 10 Proven Writing Strategies that produce exceptional literacy gains.

common core state standardsMeeting the Challenge of Rigorous Writing Standards

Nellie Edge with kindergartners
“King of ing” strategy with Nellie Edge and friends
  • What are the high-impact practices that master kindergarten teachers use to build a culture of engaged young writers and build the reading brain?
  • What are the most memorable ways to teach high-frequency words and develop fluency with phonics?
  • How do we incorporate kindergarten-friendly handwriting into our literacy framework and why does it matter?
  • How do we involve “Parents as Partners” to multiply our teaching effectiveness?
  • What does the optimum writing workshop look like with our youngest learners?
  • How do we integrate reading, writing, thinking, speaking, listening, and the arts across the curriculum for joyful accelerated literacy?

Study with Nellie Edge
Online Seminars!

Available March, 2016

Learn more about the Foundation Seminars.

3. Honoring the Life of
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nellie Edge with kindergartners

The life and teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. can be understood and honored even by young children. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught people to solve problems nonviolently. He promoted love and brotherhood. Retired kindergarten teacher Joanie Cutler shares books and stories about Martin Luther King, Jr. After much discussion, she encourages her children to apply Dr. King’s teachings by noticing when their kindergarten friends solve problems peacefully and show fairness and kindness at school. These acts are recorded on 1” x 6” strips of paper: red for acts of kindness and white for acts of peace. These are linked into a growing chain that adorns the classroom while honoring the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. A letter including strips of white and red paper chain links was also sent home to parents, asking them to record the acts and reinforce these same traits at home, and the links were sent back to school for the growing chain.

“We hope with your efforts and our own to set these traits as habits that will enrich the life of your child, and through them benefit our society.” –Joanie Cutler

For some great practical lessons that honor the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., see the following links on Jacque Verrall’s website:

Martin Luther King Here is a poem from our January Poetry Themes

Martin Luther King
Let us speak and let us sing
To honor Martin Luther King.
The gentle wisdom
That made him strong,
With acts of peace—
We’ll carry on.

Follow our Pinterest Boards for Meaningful Ways to Honor the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

4. Word Walls and High-Frequency “Heart Word” Props for Writing Workshop

Photo compliments of Winter Curry. From Nellie Edge Online Seminar #3.
  • Create a print-rich environment
  • Use consistent ABC Phonics props
  • Expect mastery of a growing collection of “heart words”

The pink and purple “heart words” are attached with magnets and movable.

Shanda Lung shared her new word wall: If you don’t have enough wall space, use an oil drip pan. Drill two holes and attach it to a chart stand. Keep it near your writing workshop table.

Make "Heart Words" Visible

Photo compliments of Jaime Corliss.
  • Have high expectations
  • Teach with passion
  • Celebrate mastery

High-frequency “heart word” posters inspire kid writers and give children crystal-clear targets to work towards.

Photo compliments of Laura Flocker

“Heart Word” floor posters motivate students to practice on their next set of words for mastery. Learn about Nellie Edge Online Seminars.

5. Literacy Coaches, Principals, and New Kindergarten Teachers: Where Do I Begin?

Educators new to joyful accelerated literacy and our online community (and the literacy coaches and principals who support them) often ask me, “Where do I begin?” We hope you find this article useful: Excellence in Kindergarten and Early Literacy: Where Do I Begin?

Let us walk you through our best recommendations and online resources:

  • Visit exemplary kindergarten programs online. Start with our Excellence in Kindergarten Literacy Award sites and other favorite kindergarten literacy sites. They are annotated with direct links to some of the most inspiring content on each site. (You could spend hours here!)
  • Join the free mentor kindergarten teacher chat board at and follow the dialog on topics of interest. You will discover wise National Board Certified kindergarten voices here! We make it a point to read everything posted by Jacque Verrell, KinderJane and Julie Lay (a.k.a. Hedgie Haven).
  • Read The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in The Elementary Grades by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser and join The Daily Café website . This high-quality professional site provides inspiring video clips, weekly news tips, and helpful articles. The Daily 5™ Kindergarten seminar with accompanying DVD is a “must-attend” event.
  • Develop a repertoire of joyful songs, poems, rhymes, and chants. Listen to quality children’s CDs and DVDs (See: Recommended Children’s CDs). Download free poems and rhymes to learn. Develop an “I Can Read Poetry” notebook strategy. (See: photo essay.)

See entire article: "Where Do I Begin?"

It is a pleasure to send off our January newsletter to teachers who share our vision for joyful and rigorous learning that enhances the social and emotional lives of children. Consider joining us for Online Seminars in 2016.

Smiles for a joyful 2016!
Nellie Edge