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Avanti launches #AskAvanti

Collaborative social media initiative fosters ideas for print success

ORLANDO, Fla., September 26, 2016 – Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of cloud-based Print MIS solutions, today announced the launch of #AskAvanti, a social media initiative offering members of the print community an opportunity to collaborate, as well as have access to ideas and information to help drive success.

Avanti has served the print industry for more than 30 years and boasts an active customer community of over 500 members. #AskAvanti builds upon this valuable knowledge-base, and decades of lessons gathered with this community. With today’s shifting landscape and the anticipation of 2020, when millennials will comprise 50% of the global workforce, Avanti recognizes the need to grow and collaborate beyond its customers, and beyond its technology.

“We are asked questions everyday”, says Stephen McWilliam, executive vice president, Avanti. “Questions about software, about workflow, about streamlining processes, about market trends, and about ROI. #AskAvanti is where we can collaborate, educate and share tips, best practices, and ideas for success in the print industry.”


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Better, Faster, Cheaper: Choose all three

Exciting new features for Avanti Slingshot Print MIS unveiled at Graph Expo 16

ORLANDO, Fla., September 25, 2016 —“Better, faster or cheaper; choose two.” Almost since Gutenberg, printers and their customers knew that old saw was true. If you want it right away, you may need to compromise a bit on quality or on job specifications; or you can have great quality but pay a hefty premium for the printer’s staff to work overtime; or you can just accept the normal turnaround time.

Challenging that conventional wisdom, Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of Print MIS solutions, today unveiled the latest new features for Avanti Slingshot, the company’s flagship offering. The new capabilities are designed to help printers work more efficiently, control their costs and move jobs through the shop without delays.

“Anytime job information can be passed seamlessly and automatically between departments, equipment and applications, you reduce turnaround time and the chance for errors,” said Patrick Bolan, President and CEO, Avanti Systems. “That’s the key to profitability.”



Avanti's Live Webinar Series - Thursdays at 2pm EST

Find out how Avanti has helped digital, offset, hybrid and large/grand format shops meet customer demands efficiently and cost effectively. Discover the critical role that MIS can play in your organization to help you achieve your goals by joining us for one of our upcoming live webinars Thursdays at 2PM EST.


Grow and succeed with Avanti and Xerox!

When combining Xerox and Avanti, the result is a complete solution that is customizable and scalable to each print service provider’s unique business needs.
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Save Money and Eliminate Manual Tasks with Avanti Slingshot’s Triggers and Alerts Module

Real-time triggers and alerts enable print shops to increase the speed and accuracy of their business processes while simultaneously ensuring everyone is kept up-to-speed and ready to react – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Avanti Slingshot Large Format & Grand Format Estimating

Avanti Slingshot helps printers better manage large format and grand format jobs, focusing on the ease of creating profitable estimates based on actual costs. See why Avanti Slingshot’s Grand Format Estimating earned a MUST SEE ‘EM award by the Graph Expo 2015 selection committee.
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Anticipate, Automate, Accelerate with Ricoh Process Director and Avanti Slingshot

HP and Avanti have developed an interface to integrate Avanti's award-winning Print MIS software with the HP SmartStream workflow portfolio. Avanti is the only provider of MIS software in North America to offer this level of connectivity with HP SmartStream.
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Automate Your Sales Force and Enhance Customer Insight with Avanti CRM
The key to becoming more customer-centric and maintaining customer loyalty is information! Gaining insight into what your customers are seeking will allow you to react quickly to customer requests and anticipate future needs. Give your Print Shop’s sales & CSRs the tools they need to compete and win new business!
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Do you like to share ideas about Print and Print MIS?
Do you sometimes find yourself challenged by a project and wish you had somewhere you can quickly turn to for advice?

Avanti has made it really easy for members of the print community to collaborate, as well as have access to ideas and information that we believe can help drive success. 


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So the next time you need answers come hang out with us online...and #AskAvanti

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Avanti's Hidden Gems

Did you know that Avanti customers have access to a virtual cornucopia of information? Ok, maybe not a cornucopia…but we sure do have a heck of a lot of stuff!

Our vast knowledge base gives customers access to:

  • Documentation and Release notes – For Avanti Classic and Avanti Slingshot
  • Webinars, Demos and Videos – Our experts cover a wide range of topics from workflow to estimating
  • How To and Tips – to help you get the most out of your Avanti installation

Want to learn more about how Avanti Slingshot helps you improve profitability and customer satisfaction? 

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Hidden Gems

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