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Calling all women writers

The application for the first ever Storyknife Fellowship goes live today! Click here to submit yours. The winner will be announced in June.


Silk & Song omnibus edition

Head of Zeus has bought my best beloved trilogy about Marco Polo's granddaughter and will be publishing an omnibus version in both print and e in the UK, pub date TBA. In the meantime, all three books in the series are available via the usual US e-book platforms. Click below for buy links.


A whale? Where?

I have a pretty active Facebook page with lots of likes and shares, but nothing I have posted has ever had as many hits as this video.

It was taken at Potlatch Totem Park in Ketchikan, where a humpback made a bubble net 10 feet from the dock. I would have screamed, too.


Honolulu Havoc

I got my first newsletter from Left Coast Crime 2017, aka Honolulu Havoc, where I shall be (ahem) presiding as US Guest of Honor. Mention was made of the five bars at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, one of them a swim-in, which combined with the hula lessons also on offer should make for some interesting (not to mention blackmail ready) tweets.

My plan is to turn in a Laurie-King-at-Bouchercon-SFO worthy performance, so I'll see you all everywhere all the time, including at an AuthorReader Connection event (see what that looked like this year here). But first, you have to register.


Alaska itinerary

It's that time of year again, when everyone coming north wants my advice on what to see and do. 

Here's an itinerary I wrote for Alaska magazine back in 2000, now updated and with new links.


Whale Fat Follies

Apropos of which, Mr. Whitekeys has just! this! minute! announced this summer's schedule for the [drumroll] Whale [drumroll] Fat [drumroll] Folleeeeeeez!

Better get after it now because, as Keys sez, "We didn't even know that tickets were on sale and FIVE seats are already gone!"


Visit already!

If you're coming for a visit — or even if you're not — you should read my guide to the Great Land.

From cruising the Inner Passage to hiking the Chilkoot Trail, bidding on bachelors at Talkeetna's Winterfest, to a behind-the-scenes look at the Iditarod sled dog race, you'll discover Alaska in all its quirky, iconoclastic glory. Without question the best time I've ever had on the job.