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15 August 2012

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SCENARIO 05:2012 - why you love the analogue world

Reaction and counter-reaction. The one calls for the other, almost by definition. That’s why it’s hardly strange that the analogue world is encountering a new renaissance. This is the subject for our front-page story in SCENARIO 05:2012 which is released tomorrow August 16th.

When streetwise youths cultivate underground music on
cassettes, when the Walkman once again becomes a status symbol after a time in the darkness of oblivion, and when enthusiasts once again find good use for turntables, analogue cameras and typewriters by, there really is a connection to a structural change of our society towards more digital intelligence and an alternative economy.

As a result, the resurrection of the analogue world isn’t just a matter of nostalgia and retro fashion. It is a reaction and an early answer to a change whose magnitude we are only just beginning to grasp.

Is 3D printing the technology of the future?

"Right now it seems that 3D printing could become the production technology of the 21st Century. It is a relatively new technology and many experts expect 3D printing to become steadily better, cheaper and more versatile, as we’ve seen happen with other technologies. Some envision 3D printers ranging from a desktop printer for small things to one that “prints” your new house! ..."

New paper: The future of work

The authors, Sally Khallash, CEO of Centre for Global Talent Strategy, and Martin Kruse, Senior Researcher at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, argue that workers will find themselves in an age of transition driven by new technological opportunities and the feminization of the labour force.The consequences of these changes will affect the organization of future work and the concept of the work-life balance.

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SCENARIO 05:2012 - why you love the analogue world

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