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Agent Update

Hi Partner,


Welcome to the latest agent newsletter from RMIT University - your monthly roundup of our latest news and updates!


The agent management team have been hard at work reconcilling Semester 1, 2020 commission payments and we are happy to report these were paid at the start of June. The team are now working through your commission disputes in StudyLink and any additional commission due for the Semester 1 cohort will be paid in July. We thank you for your patience during this busy time.

If you haven’t already visited our new agent portal I encourage you to do so. We have recently added a brand new digital brochure to the promotional material section of the agent portal. RMIT at a glance provides a summary of RMIT University’s rankings, industry-based learning, state-of-the-art facilities, and student support and is availble to download in both English and Chinese. 


To acknowledge and reward the efforts of our agent network we would like to feature you in one of our upcoming newsletters to highlight the names and faces of our partners and all the incredible work you do. If you are featured you will also receive a prize! Click on this link to enter. Congratulations to Tobias from GOstralia! for being featured in this months newsletter, a prize will be coming your way shortly!

Please read on to hear about all our latest updates.



Admissions Updates

Commencing students can now secure their place at RMIT with a AUD$9000 deposit 

Commencing international students will now only be required to pay a deposit of AUD $9,000.00 to accept an offer for any program commencing in Semester 2, 2020 with the balance payable before census. This means commencing international students must no longer pay a full semester deposit to accept their offer with RMIT University.


Deposit payments through Western Union
Students who have previously been issued their offer with the full semester deposit and now would like to accept their offers for the reduced deposit of AUD$9000 and prefer to make payment via Western Union will be required to have their offers reissued. You can contact us to request a new offer letter with the revised deposit payment via the StudyLink applicant portal.


Deposit payments by Credit Card

Any students who would like to accept their offer and pay by credit card can proceed without a revised offer letter.


RMIT Refund Policy

RMIT University provides refunds of tuition fees in accordance with its refund policy.

Full details are established in RMIT’s refund policy, including situations where an overseas student’s ability to study is impacted by exceptional circumstances. Where an overseas student is refused a visa to study in Australia RMIT will provide a full refund to that student, less any administrative fees.


Important Dates for students commencing Semester 2, 2020


Please mark the following important dates in your calendar, paying special attention to enrolment deadlines and programs with enrolment restrictions.
For all important dates, please click here


VCE Commencement Date - Monday 13 July 2020
VCE last date to enrol - Friday 17 July 2020


Foundation Studies Commencement Date - Monday 20 July 2020

Foundation Studies last date to enrol - Monday 27 July 2020

VE/Associate Degree SEH and DSC Commencement date - 6th July 2020
VE/Associate Degree SEH and DSC last date to enrol - 13th July 2020

Exemptions for SEH AD and VE last date to enrol:

  • AD006P11 Associate Degree in Information Technology - Friday 24 July
  • AD026 Associate Degree in Engineering Technology - Friday 24 July
  • C6120 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Electrical) - Friday 24 July
  • C6121A Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering - Friday 24 July
  • C6130 Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical) - Friday 24 July
  • C6162 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering Design) - Friday 24 July

VE BUS Commencement date - 6th July 2020
VE BUS last date to enrol -  17th July 2020

HE BUS, DSC and SEH/Diploma of Commerce/Associate Degree (BUS) Commencement date -  20th July 2020
HE BUS, DSC and SEH/Diploma of Commerce/Associate Degree (BUS) last date to enrol -  31st July 2020


*Dates exclude programs with enrolment restrictions
** Exemptions for DSC HE, AD & VE are yet to be confirmed. Please check the commencement date and last date to enrol for your program.


Current admissions processing times

To assist you and your counsellors provide your students with clear expectations on assessment outcomes, please find current admissions turnaround times here.


Thank you to our Admissions leadership team Paula Soon & Amm Jones for providing live updates of all expected turnaround times.

You can view the full list of admissions turnaround times at any time on the Agent Portal.


General Updates

RMIT global rankings rise


RMIT is now ranked 18th globally for universities under 50 years and is listed among the world’s top 30 universities with a technological orientation.


RMIT has ranked 223rd globally in the latest QS World University Rankings - an increase of 15 places from last year and 68 places since 2014.


With 84% of Australian universities included in the QS World University Rankings (36 universities) compared with 5% and 54% of US and UK universities respectively; these rankings continue to highlight RMIT and Victoria as a top destination for a quality university education. Read more here.


See what REW is all about here



As we have done for over 50 years, RMIT English Worldwide (REW) continues to shine, even more at this time. REW online English classes deliver quality education to students all around the world, and include:

  • Small class sizes
  • Supervision at every stage by our trained educators
  • REW’s unique 6-level curriculum
  • Full online student support from Study Success to Reaching Out

See what REW online classes are like right here on YouTube or YOUKU.


Medibank Live Better At Home Series - Dealing with Homesickness


Our partners at Medibank have created a Live Better At Home web series to promote health and wellbeing. This episode assists those dealing with homesickness and can be shared with your students studying away from home. Clinical psychologist, Emily Toner, shares her tips for dealing with homesickness and staying connected to loved ones.

Learn More... 

RMIT University Home Campus

Discover how four RMIT students are keeping on top of their studies, and looking after their wellbeing with RMIT's Online Enabled study.






Watch Now

MBA Information Session 

Presented by Dr. Panos Piperopoulos, Director of MBA programs and Dr. Kendall Herbert, this webinar is designed for early career professionals looking to step into management roles in a variety of industries.


Thu, 2 July 2020

6:00 PM – 6:45 PM AEST

Register Now

Meet our people!

Meet Tobias from GOstralia!

What city do you live in? I live in Stuttgart, Germany.


What is your favourite thing to do in Stuttgart? Riding my bike or going on hikes in the hills.


What is a must try dish in your city? Käasespätzle. A kind of thick pasta drained in cheese!


If you could holiday anywhere in the world where would it be? Certainly Australia. My trip with the family to OZ over the Easter Break had do be cancelled but I cant wait to visit soon!


Most memorable moment in your career? My first EAIE conference in 2001, where I met lots of the wonderful people in IntEd world for the first time. From then on I knew that this is the "business" I want to be part of.




Meet Redhian Purwadi, our Sponsored Student Coordinator

What is your favourite thing to do in your city? Exploring local parks and beaches in Victoria.


What is a must try dish in your city? Roast duck on rice at Pacific BBQ on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne.


If you could holiday anywhere in the world where would it be? To visit my brother who lives in Los Angeles, USA.

What's next for my team in 2020? The Sponsorship Development Team manages RMIT scholarships for new commencing students and Sponsored students under external scholarships. This year we will focus on updating the web content for RMIT scholarships and sponsored students. We would also be working with internal and external stakeholders to increase the number of available scholarships next year.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our monthly update and for your continued support.


Rachel Luci

Manager, Agent Network

RMIT University



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