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What's coming up in stage two of the District Plan Review

The fast tracked timeline for stage two of the District Plan Review means that public comment will now feed directly into the submission process. Read more.

To encourage people to learn about some of the issues covered by the stage two chapters, we have developed the following issue sheets:

• How to find the balance between quarrying and other activities in the rural zone? Click to view
• Recognising and managing special character in our neighbourhoods Click to view

Important dates for stage two proposals:

2 May 2015                     Public notification of most of the stage two chapters
2 May - 15 June 2015    Submissions open
29 June 2015                  Submissions published and further submissions opened
13 July 2015                    Further submissions close
27 July 2015                    Further submissions published

A new stage three will be notified slightly later:

27 June 2015                         Public notification of the Natural and Cultural Heritage, Central                               
                                                 City, stage two Natural Hazard Chapters and Specific Purpose   
                                                 Zone Flat Land Recovery
27 June – 7 August 2015    Submissions open
21 August 2015                     Submissions published and further submissions opened
4 September 2015                Further submissions close
18 September 2015              Further submissions published


If you have any queries about the District Plan Review, please email us on dpreview@ccc.govt.nz.


Brigitte de Ronde

City Planning Unit Manager
Strategy and Planning Group
Christchurch City Council