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Shock and horror – that is the overwhelming reaction to the Manchester bombing in which the latest victims of terrorism were young people and their parents attending a pop star’s concert. If the Islamic State is indeed behind the attack, says Georgia State terrorism expert Mia Bloom, it will only add to growing research on the warped world of terrorists in which children are stripped of their innocence and seen only as a means to an end – both weapon and target.

While news reports detailed what was known about the bombing, social media feeds filled with messages – families seeking missing relatives, but also locals offering total strangers who had been stranded in the chaos a ride, a meal or a place to stay overnight. As these impromptu gestures showed, social networks can provide powerful support for traumatized communities.

And, while the nation waits for a summer vote by the Senate to decide the fate of Obamacare, West Virginia University’s Simon Haeder writes that the White House can gut the law even without Senate approval. President Donald Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price have many tools at their disposal to significantly reshape the Affordable Care Act.

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A girl leaves flowers for victims of an attack at Manchester Arena. Reuters/Peter Nicholls

The Islamic State group has weaponized children

Mia Bloom, Georgia State University

To the terrorist, children have become but a means to an end. Weapon and target.

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