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Avadis NGS November 10, 2011

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RNA-Seq Data Analysis
Watch this video to learn how to visualize and analyze your transcriptomics data. Use the RNA-Seq workflow steps in Avadis NGS to perform classical differential expression analysis, find alternatively spliced genes, identify novel splice junctions, and discover novel genes, exons and gene fusions.

ChIP-Seq Data Analysis
Watch this video to learn how to identify transcription factor binding sites and histone modification with the PICS and MACS peak detection algorithms. Find potential motifs in peak regions using the GADEM algorithm. Then shortlist the genes affected by the peak regions that are good candidates for transcription factor regulation.

DNA-Seq Data Analysis
Watch this video to learn how to discover variants in your whole genome or exome sequence data. Find SNPs, MNPs, and InDels (DIPs), visually confirm large SVs, use dbSNP annotations to identify known or novel variants, and predict the effect of variants on transcripts using SNP effect analysis.

small RNA Data Analysis
Watch this video to learn about our new aligner and analysis features specifically for small RNA reads. These and other features, including a built-in gapped alignment tool based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT), will be part of the Avadis NGS 1.3 version scheduled to be released later this year.

The Genome Browser in Avadis NGS
Watch this video to learn how you can make optimal use of the embedded, feature-rich Genome Browser in Avadis NGS. As a powerful tool for user-driven data interpretation, the Genome Browser provides interactive and "explorable" visualizations of several tracks of raw experiment data, organism annotations, and data analysis results.

Quality Control of NGS Data
Watch this video to learn how Avadis NGS can help you visualize the quality of your raw experiment data, identify aberrant reads, and discard unwanted reads using a variety of quality metrics and filters. It is crucial to use the quality control workflow steps before beginning sequence data analysis so as to get valid, high-quality results.

Downstream Analysis of Pathways and Biological Networks
Watch this video to learn how to effectively query the gene and pathway interaction databases to build entity relationship diagrams, how to import curated pathways from external sources such as Reactome and Cancer Cell Map, and how to make use of previously saved pathways in data interpretation.

For more tutorials and guides for sequencing data analysis, visit our website.

If you have sequence data that you want to analyze, feel free to download a free trial of Avadis NGS.

- The Avadis NGS Team

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