For 20 years, contentious debates have revolved around protection for swamps, ponds and streams that sometimes run for only a few months of the year. At some point, water bodies like these qualify as “waters of the United States,” which are protected under the Clean Water Act. But where’s the line?

The Trump administration has just repealed a major regulation that the Obama administration developed seeking to settle this question. Officials claim they’re freeing farmers and developers from excessive regulation. But as environmental lawyer Patrick Parenteau explains, lawsuits will keep flowing until Congress resolves this critical issue.

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Many migratory birds, like these sandhill cranes, rely on wetlands for feeding, resting and shelter. Wyman Meinzer/USFWS

Repealing the Clean Water Rule will swamp the Trump administration in wetland litigation

Patrick Parenteau, Vermont Law School

A 2006 Supreme Court ruling created widespread confusion about which wetlands and other waters are federally protected. The Trump administration's latest action isn't likely to clear things up.

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