Some of you may know that CIO Landing is part of a national mastermind group where IT service providers like us meet regularly throughout the year. At our events, we have a chance to meet vendors, learn about innovative technologies, best business practices and learn from renowned speakers.

At the end of January, I had the pleasure to attend Technology Marketing Toolkit’s and Sales conference in Orlando, Florida. It was an amazing time learning from Robin Robin’s success and failure stories on what her business has endured. Throughout her lessons, she continuously reminded us there is power in clarity. Reminding us to do what we say we are going to do or change what we say. Excellence is what we must strive for!

One of the guest speakers that spoke at the conference on Friday night was Sean Stephenson. He is a motivational speaker, author, and therapist. Sean travels the world sharing his stories to millions of people. I admire Sean because of his passion to show people how precious life is and to create the destiny they desire. Sean has a positive outlook on life and he reminds us that it is our choice to choose the way we live, which stems from our attitude and efforts. If we are able to learn to master our emotions, we can learn to master ourselves. Bringing us healing, wealth, love, you name it. A simple statement seems doable but when put into action it is tough. Sean’s main message during his talk is to have a vision of what we want in life. Everyone has fears and insecurities but remember everyone is born with a purpose, to live out their purpose!

I wanted to share this experience with you, as a fellow businessperson, as we all can share the lake of success building and growing our businesses.

Dedicated to your peace of mind,

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