Chapter March 2015 Newsletter REVISED EDITION

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Chair's Update

Our February 17, 2015 meeting was well attended with many questions and concerns regarding potentially dangerous drug interactions. Thank you to Mr. Ahmed from Shoppers Drug Mart for taking the time to shed some light on the subject for the members and guests who attended.

The speaker at our next meeting will be tackling a subject very prevalent in the news recently – Elder Abuse. Elder abuse is not limited to physical abuse. It also refers to psychological and/or financial abuse. Monica Harris from the Orillia OPP detachment will give us an overview of these issues, examples of abuse and where to turn to for help.

The rejuvenation of the Niagara Chapter is in full swing. The Communications Committee under the leadership of John Meguerian and Pat Roden has done a great job of streamlining our contact methods, improving our newsletter distribution and maintaining the web site. They are presently working on a number of other initiatives which will enhance the value of our web site as a go-to place for information on all seniors’ activities, events and non-profit fundraisers around the Niagara Region.

The Membership Committee is also hard at work identifying methods to attract new members to CARP and, in particular, our Niagara chapter. The committee members brought our membership lists up-to-date and streamlined contact information. Thank you to Peter Richardson and Pat Roden for their efforts.

The Social/Recreational Committee led by Susan Sutherland recently held their first brain-storming session. There was a good turn-out and a number of suggestions for speaking topics, social events and recreational activities were brought forward in a very lively environment! The list will be reviewed and the most popular suggestions will be brought forward. If you have any suggestions please forward them to Susan at The committee is always open for new ideas.

The Public Relations/Education Committee is in good hands with Anne-Marie Tywonek and Linda Mooney. They started work on a new brochure outlining the reasons to join CARP and more specifically, our Niagara chapter. The brochure can be used in a variety of ways, including as handouts at events where CARP has a booth: they can be left at City Hall information stations, libraries, various doctors’ offices, retail and restaurant windows (with permission),etc. Stay tuned for more future great ideas!

We are now working on setting up one of the more visible committees in Carp – the Advocacy Committee. Local older adults and seniors’ issues in the Niagara region will be the main focus of advocacy efforts. We also have opportunities to influence the platforms and policies of the political parties during the up-coming Federal election.

That’s the benefit of being part of a national organization. CARP will be sending out their position paper on issues of concern to older adults and seniors in the near future. This will be our opportunity to approach all candidates and get definitive answers on how each party will deal with these issues. Their responses will be outlined in our newsletter with a link to the CARP Niagara website for more detailed information. The CARP Niagara chapter has almost 5,000 members and is part of 300,000 – and growing - CARP members across the country and we get noticed by politicians.

If you are interested in participating on the Advocacy Committee please contact us at


Meeting Notice

March 17, 2015 at 2 p.m. - Royal Henley, 582 Ontario St, St Catharines

Elder abuse is a general term used to describe harmful acts toward an elderly adult, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect, including self-neglect.

Monica Harris, Orillia OPP will be providing a dialogue of the issues of elder abuse.


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FIDA/pcH is having their 8th annual golf tournament which has raised almost $100,000 dollars to help the people of Haiti to establish agricultural cooperatives as they move towards self-sufficiency.  Please click on the above golf ball for more details about this tournament that will be held at Pen Lakes GC on May 28, 2015.

The Niagara Olympic Club (NOC) has been chosen to host the 2015 Canadian Masters Games in St. Catharines, July 17 - 19. Please click on the NOC logo for more details. If you wish to volunteer please call Sharon Stewart, Meet Director 905-933-2762.