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GreenTree Landscaping

January 2012

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Meet 2000+ Native Californians

Carpenteria californica...Galvezia speciosa...Arctostaphylos...and many more...

Literally thousands of California native plants add easy beauty to gardens--requiring very little (or no) irrigation and playing an important role in nurturing bio-diversity.   

"Native" is defined as a plant exclusive to California and thriving in place before the arrival of European settlers.  

These hardy performers have had generations to evolve into many exciting varieties, such as the Ceanothus pictured above.  And today specialty nurseries and non-profit botanical societies make previously hard-to-find Natives more widely available.  

We recommend planting California natives in January and February, so the mild Winter climate supports good new root system development.  When the heat returns, simply enjoy the show! Natives know what to do with very little intervention...and the birds, bees and butterflies in your yard will thank you. 


All the best,

  Michael Baer

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