Issue 22
  1. An ultra-portable laptop stand
  2. An email-based diary builder
  3. A tiny touch-screen smart projector
  4. An app to put apps in focus
  5. A MagSafe converter you won't loose
  6. Books successful people read

Hello everyone!

Judging by Offscreen visitor and sales numbers, the weather in Europe and in the US must be pretty decent. Looks like lots of you are enjoying some quality outdoor time away from your screens. Good on you!

Over here (it's winter) I've just been hackin' away on the next issue of Offscreen, trying to get most of the content done before my trip in August.

This week I have a podcast recommendation for you. Without making this newsletter too political, this episode of the WTF podcast has Barack Obama as an interview guest. It's been recorded in the guy's garage and is well worth a listen.

— Kai

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This Weekʼs Line-Up

An ultra-portable laptop stand

Ironically, I'm writing this hunched over my laptop: The Roost (now on Kickstarter in its second generation) is an ultra-portable laptop stand that elevates your screen and encourages better posture. Looks like a great companion for when you're working from lots of different locations.

An email-based diary builder

It's amazing how quickly a week goes by without feeling that you've actually accomplished anything. Writing a brief summary at the end of the work day could be a neat way to acknowledge all the little wins we make throughout the week. MyEveningPost helps you do just that. Simply reply to their email reminders to build up a log book over time.

A tiny touch-screen smart projector

The Touchjet Pond is a new, surprisingly tiny projector with an added 'smart' benefit: it turns any surface into a giant interactive touchscreen. Imagine presenting interactive prototypes to clients by clicking on 'projected' buttons on the wall. You can also use it to play games or simply watch videos.

An app to put apps in focus

HazeOver has one simple purpose: to put your currently active Mac app in focus by covering everything in the background with a dark, semi-transparent layer.

A MagSafe converter you won't loose

The MagCozy is a tiny piece of plastic that simply holds your MagSafe power converter in place and keeps it where you need it, when you need it. If, like me, you have two different MagSafe power adapters being used in your household, the MagCozy solves a simple problem quite elegantly. (Thanks to Marc Thiele for recommending it.)

Books successful people read

Ever wondered what books successful people have on their bookshelves? Bookstck is building an archive of book recommendations by entrepreneurs and other inspiring business folks — from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg.