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Scootle News

Dear colleague,

We hope that the start of your new school year has been a positive one for you and your school communities. 

This month's edition of the Scootle News features plenty of resources, tools and networks to support curriculum implementation and enhance your professional learning practice.

The materials and conversations highlighted below represent those being shared on an ongoing basis in Scootle Community. If you are yet join the Community, an online staffroom for all Australian educators >>Join now to connect and collaborate with your national professional learning network. 

This month's Spotlight is on the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)'s  maths: make your career count resource. The tool features a range of video interviews and case studies which highlight the role of maths in many varied careers. The site also includes advice for those targetting mathematic rich employment.  


Scootle Live Webinar Series

The Scootle LIVE webinar series commenced in February and is running each Thursday of term one. If you have missed all the fun and sharing taking place each Thursday so far don't worry you can watch the recordings and access the relevant presentation materials in the Scootle LIVE Webinar Series Wiki or below.

The webinar series continues tomorrow with a session looking at tools and resources to support the implementation of the Geography Curriculum. For more information and to register to attend
Click here >>.
Running time: NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS -4:00pm QLD, -3:00pm NT -2:30pm WA -1:00pm SA -3:30pm

Your community

What teachers in your Community have to say and what inspires them.
Suzy Urbaniak

        Suzy Urbaniak - WA

  1. Describe your community in 5 words
    I'd describe Community as Innovative, creative, educational, inspiring and forward thinking.
  2. What is your favourite educational hashtag to follow?
    I help support women who working in resources, #WIMWA (Women In Mining WA) helps keeps me informed about the latest developments. I also use #edtech #flippedclass, #edchat, #globaled and #elearning regularly and follow the TeachMeetWA events via #TMWA.
  3. Do you have a TED Talk or video that has inspired you lately?
    I'd have to reccomend the Women in Mining and Resources, Western Australia (WIMWA) YouTube Channel and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell's TED Talk, Reflections on women in science


Your Resources


My place, your place

My place, your place

A suite of five teaching activities about homes and places where we and others live.
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'Puzzling Globe' image © iStockphoto/mstay; photographs all © Commonwealth of Australia, except photograph of two children looking at a laptop which is © Education Services Australia Ltd.



Joan Ross: 'Funny face I love you'

'Funny face I love you'

A multilayered teaching and learning resource focusing on the video artwork, 'Funny face I love you' by Joan Ross.
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© State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2011. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 AU) licence




A resource that focuses on filmmaking  and how production elements and techniques are used in film to create different effects.
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© The Song Room Website 2013. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 AU) licence.

Try our great links and free downloads

Learning Path

Learning Path

Creature Features
This learning path features
learning objects, images and
video to help students in level 3-10 learn about different invertebrates and their habitats.
View >>


Watch this

Watch this

This video explains Improve, an
interactive learning and
assessment tool which supports the advancement of your students' learning outcomes.  
Watch >>

APP review

APP review

Pirate treasure hunt
An early years app which
encourages the use of a range of
problem solving strategies through a number of literacy and numeracy focused challenges.
Download >>

Community Blogs

Help shape the CSER Digital Technologies MOOC
The Computer Science Education Research Group are working on the development of a MOOC that will provide learning resources and lesson ideas for teachers from F-6 covering the learning objectives of the new digital technologies curriculum.

Beyond the pom poms
The blog from Rowellyn Park Primary School Principal, Janette Llewellyn acknowledges the enhancements which learning technologies have provided learning and teaching practices and discusses the big challenge that comes with the equity of each school's provision. 
Read more >> 

Community Events

NATIONAL March 6, 2014
Scootle LIVE webinar - Geography curriculum resources
Register >>

NATIONAL March 13, 2014
Scootle LIVE webinar - Community MeetUp 
Register >>

NATIONAL March 20, 2014
Scootle LIVE webinar - Safe Schools Hub

NATIONAL March 27, 2014
Scootle LIVE webinar - Community TeachMeet