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WRIN Community Advisory Board & NEWL Advisory Council Merger

The mission of the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada (WRIN) is to foster the social and economic development of Nevadans through the collection, preservation, and analysis of information on women in the state. This year WRIN celebrates 15 years of research and education on women. It has brought innovative resources to the state including the NEW Leadership Nevada program, the Nevada Women’s Archives, the Las Vegas Women Oral History Program, and our newest - a collaboration with Vegas PBS on MAKERS: Women in Nevada. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the dedication of time, talent, and energy provided by those who have volunteered to serve.

Recently, WRIN revitalized its advisory boards to be prepared for the next decade. Instead of two separate boards - one for the entire Institute and one for the civic engagement program - we now have one Community Advisory Board (CAB) with committees focused on special projects. To learn more about CAB members and the areas they will focus on in the coming year, see the Community Advisory Board page of our website: http://wrinunlv.org/about-us/community-advisory-board/.



Fifty Years Later Pay Disparities Still Exist

The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed fifty years ago.  However, a gap in pay continues to exist between men and women.  Utilizing statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) recently published its 2014 report, “The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap.”  This report demonstrates that there hasn’t been a change in the pay disparity between men and women in the last ten years.  Women continue to be paid 23 percent less than men and this disparity is even larger for women of color – up to 47 percent larger!  The disparity isn’t confined to specific states or regions of America and it is prevalent in just about every occupation. While a college education traditionally contributes to higher wages, it doesn’t appear to have an impact on the gap in pay between genders.  In fact, the higher the level of education, the larger the gap in pay is.  For more information and to learn about possible solutions, see: http://www.aauw.org/files/2014/03/The-Simple-Truth.pdf.

Changes Led by Silver State Women

This year marks the centennial of woman suffrage in the State of Nevada, as well as the 150th anniversary of statehood. This occasion offers the opportunity to revisit five significant changes initiated by women in Nevada over the past 100 years. It goes without saying that these changes came about with the efforts of many women and men.  To see Dr. Joanne Goodwin’s top five significant changes accomplished with women’s action in the Silver State click here: http://news.unlv.edu/article/my-nevada-5-changes-led-silver-state-women.



Women in Gaming Panel

In February, the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada was pleased to partner with the Mob Museum and Vegas PBS to present a live video stream viewing of the “Women in Gaming” panel which was part of the Mob Museum’s Courtroom Conversations series.  Three pioneers in the field of gaming – Jan Jones, Elaine Wynn, and Patricia Becker – discussed their lives, careers, and challenges as early pioneers in the gaming industry. The panel was moderated by another pioneer in gaming and politics, Marybel Batjer. This was a unique opportunity to hear the three women together discussing the business and their experiences as women breaking into a predominately male field.  If you were unable to join us for the live viewing, you can watch panel discussion here:  http://new.livestream.com/accounts/6847704/events/2712179.



Spotlight on Alumnae

Annette Magnus-Marquette, (2005) - accepted the position of Executive Director at Progress Now Nevada in August. She previously worked as the Public Affairs Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada.  The "Desert Companion" featured this Las Vegas native’s work at the state legislature for comprehensive sex education.

Jean Marie [Pilario] Munson, (2009) - married Coy Munson in what appears to have been a very fun wedding.  She continues to draw Green Machine Comix, http://greenmachinecomix.tumblr.com/.

Tess Savage, (2010) - will comete her BA in Psychology at Arizona State Univeristy (online) and hopes to work with teenagers in a counseling position.  You will always have work, Tess.

Martha Rendon, (2012) - gave birth to her second littly boy, Russell, with the love of her life.  She will student teach in the spring of 2014 and continue with a Master's Degree in Higher Education in the fall of 2014.

Carmel Viado, (2012) - was accepted into the Strategic Manager Program with the City of Las Vegas.  She will work on a special project and is looking forward to it.  Currently, Carmel takes classes at UNLV working on her MA in Public Administration.

Attention Class of 2004

We would like to share updates in our next newsletter from alumnae of the Class of 2004.  Send your updates to wrin@unlv.edu now to be included!



Investments in WRIN = Dividends

Giving to WRIN is an investment that pays dividends in many ways for many people – especially women and girls.  Your interest over the years indicates that you understand the value of our mission; you know we collaborate rather than duplicate efforts; and you have seen the impact of our presence.  Your support is crucial and goes far in protecting our ability to continue our innovative programs.  None of the work WRIN does duplicates the efforts of others and none of the Institute’s accomplishments are possible without your ongoing support.  In honor of WRIN’s 15th Anniversary, the 100th Anniversary of Nevada’s Woman Suffrage, and Nevada’s 150th Anniversary, please consider a donation of $15, $100, $150, or more.  None of the gifts received pay for the director’s salary and we are a self-supporting Institute.  Whether you give $15, or even $15,000, you will make a difference in the lives of women and girls at WRIN, in your community, and across the state.  To make a gift, call (702) 895-4931 or email wrin@unlv.edu.