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Employment Allowance

Employment Allowance allows for employers to save up to £2,000 on their employer NI contributions. 

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Cornwall Business Fair 2014

Kelsall Steele will be exhibiting at this years Cornwall Business Fair which takes place on Wednesday 14th May

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VAT Accounting Schemes

HM Revenue & Customs allow several alternative VAT accounting schemes for certain business types. If you are eligible, they could save you time and money

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Tax Investigations

Tax investigations can be costly, messy affairs. Find out more about what might trigger a tax investigation and the best practices for avoiding one.

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Important Dates

02 May - Last day for car change notifications in the quarter to 5 April - Use P46 Car

19 May - Deadline for Employers' 2013/14 end of year PAYE Returns (P35, P14, P38 & P38A). Penalties for non-submission

19 May - PAYE/NIC, student loan and CIS deductions due for month to 5/5/2014

31 May - Deadline for copies of P60 to be issued to employees for 2013/14


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