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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 2. 2019

In this Issue

Water Harvesting Project
Alex's 2nd Birthday
Mama Annet News
New babies
Ultrasound Appeal - support needed
Please pray for us

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Water Harvesting Project

We are currently constructing more tanks to help with the water harvesting project. The dry season will be starting soon in Kisoro and we hope that by then the tanks will be installed and have water in them to help the project. We thank everyone who has contributed to this great cause which helps us to be more sustainable and self-sufficient.





Alex's 2nd Birthday

At the begning of March this year we celebration the Birthday of Alex, one of our resident children, (the one who was take to Germany for a heart surgery).  Nicci in corroboration with some of the cares held a small party and also made a cake for him. We are so grateful that he is growing and developing well since his surgery. We are now praying that we can find a suitable foster famiy for him soon. 








Mama Annet News

We are delighted to annouce that Annet (aka Mama Annet) our Senior Carer gave birth to a baby boy. Annet  had a baby boy at the end of April 2019 at Potter's Village. We appreciate Dr Daniel and the nurses who were there to help her through the delivery. Both Mum and baby are doing well. 





New babies

The most recent arrivals at Potter's Village.

Praise: She was born in March and brought to PV at about 3 weeks old.   Her mother was Rwandan, who got sick after the birth and sadly died. The hospital administration could not find a way to return the baby back to Rwanda and her family, so she was brought to PV.  We are still working with that hospital to see how we can involve the Rwanda government to make sure that the child goes to her family.

Nyota: Was born last December and was brought to PV in late January.  This little baby’s family is from Congo and the mother died due to excess blood loss. The grandmother crosses the border to come and visit her grandchild. She is willing to care for her child on resettlement

Banabas:  Was born on in early March this year and brought to PV the same day.  His Mother had delivered by Caesarean section, but died after the operation.  We are still trying to find his family. 

Ultrasound Appeal - support needed

Friends of Potter's Village are currently fundraising to buy an Ultrasound Machine for Potter's Village.  This lifesaving equipment can help diagnose patients quickly and effectively and is desperately needed.  To read more about how important this machine is and find out how to donate click on this link to our website.

Ultrasound Appeal page

Please donate what you can thank you. 

Please pray for us

As Potter's Village increases in size inevitably costs will also increase.  Please pray that we continue to find funding and support in order that we can continue to expand and save the lives of those who need us the most.

Give Thanks to God for:

  • The good reputation of the Medical Centre for its cleanliness and care
  • The continued good work of the Nutrition Unit 
  • The dedication of all our staff
  • For all the volunteers who support Potter's Village through prayer and practical assistance 
  • The numbers of lives saved through the existence of Potter's Village
  • The continued support of PV crisis centre. Our babies are growing well and the community support programme has helped a lot of households in Kisoro
  • The new rainwater harvesting systems, that it helps during the dry season
  • Give thanks for the save arrial of Mama Annets new baby boy

Please Pray for:

  • A long term foster family for Alex, who needs somebody special to care for him and his medical needs
  • Overseas Dr's willing to cover the Medical Centre work whilst Dr Nicci has much deserved time off.
  • The new babies who have arrived at PV and their long term care
  • Staff in the Special Care Nursery as they cope with large number of vulnerable babies
  • Nicci Maxwell as she continues her work both in the Diocese and at Potter's Village
  • Pray for our Ultrasound appeal, that we may find the money to buy this lifesaving equipment