May 5, 2023

PreK4 eNews

Can you believe that we only have two weeks of school remaining? As we think about this school year, we are so proud of the children and the progress each student has made. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s early childhood education!

Next Week

  • Bible Verse: “We give thanks to you, God.” Psalm 75:1
  • Bible: Jonah
  • Reading/Phonemic Awareness: We will review all letters and sounds
  • Math:  #12, we will review various math skills - sorting, sequencing, patterning
  • Unit: Ocean
  • Show and Tell: Draw a picture of an animal you would see in the ocean. Write the animal name on your paper.

Important Dates

  • May 18 - Last day of PreK for 3 day friends/Bike Day
  • May 19 - Last day of PreK for 5 day friends/Bike Day
  • May 22 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Bike Day Information

  • Students should wear their blue “Amazing Race” field trip shirt                                               
  • ”Bikes” may be tricycles or bicycles with our without training wheels…but it is very important that children can independently ride the riding toy they bring! Please check to make sure it is working properly…i.e. air in tires, training wheels and bike seats tightened.                                                                   
  • STUDENTS MUST HAVE A HELMET TO RIDE! (we stress safety, so not having a helmet isn’t an option)                         
  • Please put sunscreen on your child before coming to school.                       
  • Please LABEL bikes and helmets with your child’s name.                       
  • We will ride bikes, have the bounce house, chalk and bubbles from 11:00-12:00 and we would love to have you here to watch!  At 11:30, the Ice Cream truck will arrive!                                   
  • The school is covering the cost of a $2 ice cream for your pre-k student.  You are welcome to bring money to purchase ice cream for yourself or a sibling. You are free to take your child home (with their bike) after they have finished their bike time and ice cream at 12:00.

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