Strike for the Climate 20 September 2019


Last Saturday saw hundreds of GSA students and staff turn out in support of action

on the climate and ecological emergency. Thank you!


With GSA Students' Association and the GSA's Responsive Art and Design Society, we're asking

How do we positively respond to the emergency?


What can we all do as designers, architects and artists within our own disciplines to make Systems Change happen?

Should we declare a Climate Emergency?


Join us at the next Sustainability in Action Group meeting (date sometime early October),

email Sustainability Coordinator John to attend


Quiet Space | We all need space sometime, now GSA has a dedicated Silent Reading Space in the library

Scottish Youth Climate Strike | Stay up to date with future events and support

CALL OUT | for any donations of paper, paint, scrap wood, fabric and canvas material for Extinction Rebellion's International Rebellion in London!!. Any amount is welcome especially of fabric. If you have anything that you would like to donate please contact GSA alumna Ane (Arts Coordinator) by email or on 07731540708.

Thank you in advance for contributing to the fight to protect our Planet.

Support | John, the GSA's Sustainability Coordinator offers talks to student groups and classes, as well as 1-2-1s on social and environmental issues within your practice. Email for more.

Best Practice | We support students within their practice to examine environmental and social issues. We've dozens of blogs on work we've supported so far, or simply just love. Share your work with us! Pic: Cassandra Macindoe

Anthropocene | The spectacular and visually stunning follow-up to Manufactured Landscapes, Anthropocene shows what our society is doing to our planet, and we discuss what we can do to change our System. Book here with Take One Action Film Festival, at the CCA

Responsive Art and Design Society | A GSA student-led society discussing environmental and social issues, hosting lectures, workshops, film screenings and social events.