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GVSU Health & Wellness

This Summer: Eat Healthy, Buy Local, Take Action.

Eat healthy, buy local and take action when it comes to healthy living this summer. Check out the Farmers Market on the Allendale campus every Wednesday, participate in a film or book discussion highlighting local and national food systems or focus on eating your daily serving of fresh fruits and vegetables with the fruit and vegetable challenge.

Healthy living is more than good nutrition. In this newsletter, review changes to the High Deductible Health Plan occuring in 2014 to ensure healthy financial planning for medical benefits.

How to buy local

Wednesday, June 5th. Market will be held at the Allendale Campus, every Wednesday from 10-1:30 pm, Lot H. (near corner of West Campus Dr. and Laker Village Dr.) Visit the webpage for more information. 

Who reigns grillmaster supreme? Join us for the second Summer Grill Challenge emceed by Athletic Director Tim Selgo during the Farmers Market June 5th 11am-1pm in Parking Lot H. Guest grillers and Campus Dining will be making:

  • Garlic Herb Chicken with Asparagus
  • Grilled Asparagus Pizza
  • Teriyaki Pork with Moroccan Couscous  

Market goers purchase lunch for $6 and receive a taste test of all three recipes, a side dish and water. Proceeds benefit the Children's Enrichment Center and the GVSU Student Food Pantry.

Libby Bonnell of Admissions won the 2012 challenge with her recipe, Greek Chicken with Lemon Rice

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Ways to eat healthy


5 a day has met its match!! Gain the support and accountability you need with this challenge. Weekly goal setting, recipes, meal plans and more help motivate you to work toward your daily fruit and vegetable recommendations. Each week, participants will receive a new goal to meet and qualify for prizes! The Fruit & Vegetable Challenge runs from June 17 until July 22. Sign up by June 14!


Healthy in the Kitchen. Visit the Farmers Market webpage for a list of healthy recipes to try. Also, every Wednesday at Farmers Market a healthy and low priced lunch will be served. 

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Take action now


The Healthy Matters Film and Book Club welcomes conversation about issues related to our food: How it’s grown, who grows it, and how we can make our food system better and fairer for producers, consumers, and the environment. Participants are welcome to attend all viewings and read the selected book or pick and choose a combination of movies and/or reading. Participants in the selected book reading will receive reader’s guides and the opportunity to attend weekly facilitated discussions.

Film Screenings: Tuesdays 12:00-1:30pm Kirkhof Center/Thursdays 12:00-1:30 Pew Campus DeVos

Weight of the Nation-June 18/20
Farmageddon-July 9/11
Fresh-July 23/25

Featured Read:
Food Politics by Marion Nestle. (Optional read: What to Eat by Marion Nestle)

Food Politics discussion group- Kirkhof Wednesdays 12:15-1pm/ Pew Campus DeVos Thursdays 4:15-5pm

Follow this link for more information. 


June 24- August 23. A variety of fitness classes are open to GVSU faculty, staff and family members each Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer. Two sessions are offered each semester. Ever wanted to try Zumba, Pilates, SPINNING or strength training? Now is your chance! Cost for classes is very reasonable and times are offered to fit around your schedule! More Information.

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NEW IN 2014: High Deductible Health Plan Changes

Healthy Living is more than eating well and staying active

While January 2014 may seem like a long way away it is time to focus on what will be happening with the GVSU Health Plans. When the benefits team rolled out the new plan options for 2011 we talked about moving towards a cost sharing range of 80%:20%, with the university picking up 80% of the cost, in order to comply with a State mandate.

Those enrolled in the GVSU High Deductible PPO Plan may recall that for the first two years, GVSU guaranteed a Health Savings Account contribution and no per pay period deductions. That deal was extended for an additional year, through 2013.

Working with feedback provided by the GVSU Benefits Committee the benefits team plans to bring the GVSU High Deductible PPO Plan into alignment with the 80%:20% cost sharing over the next two years. The first step, effective January 2014, will be to reduce the amount of the GVSU HSA contribution to $130 – single and $260 – dual/family.

Now is a good time to think about adjusting your Health Savings Account contribution. You can make changes at any time by completing the Health Savings Account Change Form.

Remember that by participating in the Healthy Choices Wellness Program you can earn up to $300. Visit the website for complete program details.

What’s in store for 2014

Make the transition to an 80%:20% cost sharing relationship over a two year period (2014/2015) with the following changes for 2014:

-Reduce the annual GVSU HSA contribution from $650/$1,300 
 to $130/$260
-Deductibles will remain unchanged at $1,500/$3,000
-Faculty/Staff per pay period deductions will remain unchanged
 at $0.00

GVSU Standard PPO Plan
-No change in plan design (copays, coinsurance or
-Final per pay period deductions to be determined in early fall

Priority Health Standard HMO Plan
-No change in plan design (copays, coinsurance or 
-Final per pay period deductions to be determined in early fall

Delta Dental
-No change in plan design (coinsurance or deductibles)
-Final per pay period deductions to be determined in early fall

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Success Story- Kathy Rice

As Kathy Rice of University Development approached an age where many of her family members experienced heart disease related complications, she made the decision to say no to medications and yes to eating healthy and exercising daily.

As a result of her efforts and support of a UMR Health Coach, her doctor no longer recommends that she be on prescription medication and Kathy has lost over 20 pounds by changing her health habits.

“The monthly phone conversations with my coach, Nicole, were both a reminder and motivator to continue with my goals.” said Kathy. She stated that her Health Coach offered encouragement, motivation, tips and suggestions for the expected bumps in the road.

Over the course of her coaching, Kathy developed a work out and nutrition schedule that is tailored to her. During her lunch break or after work; she walks up to 60 minutes a day, while also doing strength/ aerobics 3 times a week, utilizing her exercise routine as a mechanism to relieve stress and clear the mind.

Kathy also preplans her meals. “I find it easier to eat small fresh meals throughout the day; it helps me stay energized and productive.” Kathy’s most recent Health Screening provided her with the numbers she wanted to see and she plans to continue pursuing her goal of living a longer and happier life.

Learn more about health coaching. A free service for benefit eligible faculty and staff.

Do you know a faculty, staff member  or department who serves as a healthy role model? Nominate them for our monthly newsletter feature!

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Healthy Choices 5k team takes first place in 5/3rd Riverbank Run

We are happy to announce that our Healthy Choices team came in first place in the 5k division II corporate team series at the River Bank Run on Saturday May 11th. Team members include:
Tammy Tobar, Kay Hart, Cheryl Jones, Sue Lindrup, Krashawn McElveen, Dawn Naglekirk, Ashley Roesner and Stephanie Holm. Way to go team!

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