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Bye-bye double chin!

By now you're well aware of non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting. We can now treat the neck and other small pockets of fat with the newest CoolMini applicator! Fat around your knees or the front bra chub? CoolMini can treat those areas too! Get great results with our recommended treatment plan. Say, "Bye Felicia" to unwanted fat! Check pricing here and call 415-923-3005 for a consultation.

Get a $100 Gift Card with the Xeomin Xperience Program

Xeomin, an injectible similar to Botox that relaxes wrinkles in between and around the eyes is available at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery. Not only that, but if you click here, you can get a $100 gift card towards your treatment with Xeomin.

Wondering about Xeomin compared to Botox? This study shows that when using the same dosage, there's no difference between Xeomin or Botox. Get your gift card (offer expires soon!) and come on in! Oh, last but not least, for the first 10 patients that come in and purchase 30 units of Xeomin (with or without the gift card), we'll give you 10 more units for free! But only for the first 10 patients.

Patients on Procedures (POP) Podcast: Breast Augmentation

Whenever a patient is considering surgery, they often ask if they can speak to a previous patient that had a similar operation. We're happy to oblige but we realized there may be an easier way to provide patient-to-patient interaction.

Introducing our Patients on Procedures (POP) podcasts - podcasts from the patient's perspective! As you can listen here, one of our happy breast augmentation patients provided us with a wonderful interview on the pros and cons and what to expect from breast augmentation surgery.

So listen in and when you're ready, check pricing here and then call (415-923-3005) or click today to schedule a consultation.

PHPS Patient Featured in 49ers "The Faithful" Documentary

"The Faithful" is a documentary series by 49ers Studios that highlights the fans of the San Francisco 49ers, including The Ladies of the Empire, an all-female charitable organization.

In this episode, the documentary discusses how The Ladies of the Empire (LOTE) charitable organization supports overachieving, underserved youth. We're very proud of one of our patients who started the organization and is also featured prominently in the documentary. Click on the image above to watch the epidsode and click here to learn how you can support Ladies of the Empire.

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