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Webinar of the Month

Seminar Series on Benchtop Sequencing: MiSeq Data Analysis

Avadis NGS 1.3 provides special support for analyzing data generated by MiSeq™ sequencers. Webinar attendees will learn how the data in a MiSeq™ generated run folder is automatically loaded into the Avadis NGS software during small RNA alignment and DNA variant analysis. This is especially helpful in processing the large number of files generated when the TruSeq™ Amplicon Kits are used.

In this webinar we will describe how to use the QC steps of Avadis NGS to check if the amplicons have sufficient coverage in all the samples, how to use the "Find Significant SNPs" feature to quickly identify high-confidence SNPs present in a majority of the samples, rare variants etc.

Above: Clustering amplicon regions based on average coverage.
We have scheduled one session for North and South America, and a different session for Europe and Asia. Choose the webinar time that suits you best and register for free!

See you at the webinar!

- The Avadis NGS Team

Avadis NGS
North + South America
February 22, 2012
10 AM Pacific Standard Time
Europe + Asia
February 23, 2012
11 AM Central European Time
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