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Outcome of the Radio Spectrum fees review

The Minister for Communications has announced the outcome of the Radio Spectrum Fees Framework review. 

The changes will make the fees regime simpler by reducing the number of fee categories from 47 to four:

  • There will be a standard fee for most licences, set at $150 (annually; including GST). The current average licence fee is around $200 (including GST).
  • There will be an amateur licence fee category for repeaters, beacons and fixed links, set at $50 (annually; including GST).
  • There will be two fee categories for multiple location licences for land mobile radio services only. For licences covering up to a maximum of five locations the fee is $600 (annually; including GST), and for licences covering an unlimited number of locations the fee is $1,500 (annually; including GST).

The online payment discount and the licence interference investigation discount have been incorporated into the base fees for all licence categories.

A manual payment fee of $25 has been introduced to cover the additional administrative cost of processing manual payments. This fee will apply to payments, such as cash or cheques that are not made through RSM’s online channels.

How and when will the changes be implemented?

The changes will take effect in late 2017, following notification in the Gazette.

RSM will announce the date of the changes via the RSM website and the Business Update e-newsletter. This update will include more detail about implementation and how the changes affect your licences.

Find out where your licence will sit under the new fee categories.