March 13, 2020

5th Grade eNews

Next Week

  • Bible: Elisha Displays God’s Power
  • Verse: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing.  1 Thessalonians 5:11. *We will be giving the Bible test on Thursday afternoon.
  • Reading: Finish Figurative Language and Fish in a Tree; Skill Test on Tuesday, March 17th
  • Spelling: Latin Root: voc “to call” (can also be spelled vok)
  • Ex. vocal (voc/al); invocation (in/voc/a/tion);revoke (re/voke)
  • Language: Expanding sentences and editing skills
  • Math: graphing ordered pairs; pictographs; review of graphs
  • Science: Begin Chapter 1; Rocks and Minerals
  • Social Studies: Continue Chapter 19: Faith Based Initiatives and 911

Important Dates

  • March 16 - Bring completed banner to school
  • March 19 - Banner Chapel @ 8:30 the Worship Center (We will have regular rotations and lessons in the afternoon.)
  • March 16-19 - Student-led Conferences 3:30-4:00
  • March 20-27 - SPRING BREAK
  • April 6 - Teacher Compassion Fund Giving Day - Students may bring $1 and wear spirit dress
  • April 9 - Easter Parties @ 2:30pm
  • April 13-17th - IOWA Testing - please try not to make any appointments in the morning on these days.  We will not be able to make up missed tests.

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