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Anzac Day has particular significance as once again we acknowledge the centenary of World War One. Last year we remembered the Gallipoli campaign. This year we consider the Western Front, where Gallipoli veterans were joined by recruits in the battlefields of France and Belgium.

H Septimus Power, artist, 1920. (Australian War Memorial number ART03333.)

H Septimus Power, artist, 1920. (Australian War Memorial number ART03333.)



In the battle of Fromelles (19-20 July, 1916) in northern France, the Australian 5th and British 61st Infantry Divisions sought to capture German trenches, preventing the enemy from reinforcing troops at the Somme. Parts of the trenches were occupied for up to eleven hours before the German counterattack drove the Allies back. Five and a half thousand Australians were killed or injured in brutal combat, making the 24 hours following the commencement of the battle the worst in Australian military history.


Less than 100km south of Fromelles, the village of Pozières was the site of another attack on German lines. Following British advances on 13-15 July, 1916, Pozières was in ruins, 12 thousand British soldiers were dead or wounded, and only small advances had been made against the German trenches. On 23 July, members of Australia's 1st Infantry Division began a successful campaign to take ground from German forces. The 2nd and 4th Divisions succeeded the 1st, which had suffered heavy casualties, and continued the slow advance over ground held previously by German forces. The three Divisions continued to relieve each other until 3 September, when extreme losses halted their advance. Nearly 23 thousand Australians were killed or wounded in the campaign.

Difficult memories: reflecting in war

Early Years

Difficult memories: reflecting in war
Watch and listen as six Australians share their thoughts and experiences of war and the burden it places on soldiers and their families.

Eulogy for the Unknown Australian soldier

Middle Years

Eulogy for the Unknown Australian Soldier
Prime Minister Paul Keating presented the eulogy at the entombment of the Unknown Australian Soldier at the Australian War Memorial on 11 November, 1993. Soil from the battlefield at Pozières was scattered on the soldier's tomb.

ANZAC Poppies

Upper Years

ABC News Special: Fromelles
Listen as relatives of soldiers who fought in the battle at Fromelles reflect on the conflict and its aftermath, and view an account of the forensic archaeology used to find and identify the remains of hundreds of Australian soldiers. Please note that the videos do not play on all browser versions.

Learning Path - April 2016

Learning Path

What's New in Scootle?
This learning path features some of the great new resources that have been added to Scootle during the past month. Learning areas include: Science, English, History, Design, and Economics.

Watch This - The changing roles of women on Anzac Day

Watch This

The changing roles of women on Anzac Day
In this video from ABC Open, women and men from Queensland's Sunshine Coast share their memories, responsibilities and observances of Anzac Day.

Spirit of ANZAC Centenary 360 app

Mobile Apps

Spirit of ANZAC Centenary 360
This app is a virtual tour of the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience, a travelling exhibition that focuses on the roles Australians played in World War I. There is both an iTunes and an Android version.


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