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29 September 2016
Welcome to the first edition of Omnibus

Omnibus merges our Bus Safety News and Bus News Digest into a monthly publication designed to share Bus Safety Victoria's latest information and better serve the bus community.

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Stephen Turner - Director, Bus Safety

Safety culture guidelines

Bus Safety Victoria has created guidance material on safety culture for bus industry participants. 

The guidance introduces the concept of safety culture and its elements and illustrates the things that our auditors will discuss with operators during audits.

You can download the material as a pdf or accessible Word doc here.

Feel free to email if you have any questions about the guidance.

Would you join our webinar?

Bus Safety Victoria is considering launching online meetings with bus operators, to make it easier to take part in forums without having to travel.

Commonly referred to as a “webinar” (web seminar), they allow participants to view documents and applications via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion.

This means you can keep informed about our latest safety information from the comfort of your home or office and join the conversation. If you've had trouble attending a bus forum in the past, this might be a solution.

Please take a moment to let us know if you’d be interested or not, by voting yes or no to a bus safety webinar here:

Summary of prosecutions

Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) has recently successfully prosecuted two persons operating a bus service without the appropriate permission.

The first was a result of TSV officers spending many months gathering evidence to build a case against a Geelong business that was operating a bus service without being accredited. This matter was heard in the Magistrates Court in Geelong.

The other prosecution, heard at Ringwood Magistrates Court, was a result of detecting a person using a bus to transport a community group to picnic in the Yarra Ranges without being a registered bus operator.

The offender who was initially issued with an infringement notice, elected to have the matter heard before a magistrate.
The maximum penalty for operating a bus service without being accredited is $37,310 for a natural person and in the case of a body corporate, $186,552.

The maximum penalty for operating a bus service without being registered is $9,327 for a natural person and in the case of a body corporate, $46,638.

Idle hands throwing rocks and eggs

Most students in Victoria are off school until Monday 3 October, and Transport Safety Victoria is seeing the usual holiday spike in rocks and eggs being thrown at buses.

In an effort to combat this trend, TSV is backing an education program to support safe bus travel and address a range of anti-social behaviours involving buses.

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