Newsletters usually contain 'news' of some kind. We've dissected that word and we've got it sussed - we're wordsmiths yes we are. Yet here lies a problem: we have no news. It's been at least two moons since our last letter request. You mob have gone strangely quiet on us. Can it be that you're all quietly penning your own correspondence and we've become redundant? We think not. More likely you're lying awake composing half-baked love letters to Johnny Depp now that he's back on the market for the first time in 14 years. And you're practicing your speech to your boyfriend of a decade, explaining that you only hooked up with him since Johnny Depp was taken and when Johnny writes back, you're LA-bound. One word people: OUTSOURCE to us and you'll sleep better tonight.

On another topic, we've been talking to your mum and you need to clean out your wardrobe. Seriously, it's teeming with dresses you no longer wear and there's a TV crew out the front asking if you'll feature in one of those reality TV shows about hoarders. What's that? You're waiting for a worthy cause to donate to? Well it just so happens we know a bunch of girls in Fitzroy Crossing who would LOVE your hand-me-downs.

The Skutta Girls are a group of the funkiest young spunks we know. They live in remote Aboriginal communities in the Fitzroy Valley, Western Australia. They love getting dressed up as much as the next teenager but a trip to Sportsgirl is a four-hour drive followed by a two hour flight, in other words: logistically and fiscally near impossible. 

For the next month, anyone who sends a pretty piece of clothing to the Skutta Girls in Fitzroy Crossing gets a piece of correspondence written for free. Yep, just email us and let us know what you're sending the girls and we'll happily write that letter to Johnny for you.

If you're not in need of any correspondence this month you can still send some clothes to the girls if you want to. The address is 

C/O Skutta Girls

PO Box 59

Fitzroy Crossing 6765

or for more details head to our Facebook.


These are our last few scores. Perfect for Penny in sunny Honiara but cruelling teasing Jane in freezing Melbourne.

Catch you guys next month, hopefully with some new letters to share. 

Jane and Penny.

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