Understanding your best savings options

Today in The Conversation Canada, a couple of good reads for you on this (mostly) holiday Monday.

What's a better savings option for you: RRSPs or TFSAs? Investment speciaist Eric Kirzner of the University of Toronto looks at the pros and cons of both to help you decide which is your best choice.

As Canada's continued diplomatic dispute with China carries on, former diplomat Charles Burton of Brock University tells the story of a Canadian who has been in Chinese custody since 2006. It's a disturbing tale that has escaped the notice of most other media outlets.


Scott White


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It’s tax season. Should you put money in RRSPs or TFSAs? (Shutterstock)

How to determine what’s better – RRSPs or TFSAs?

Eric Kirzner, University of Toronto

It's never too early nor too late to start your saving program. Whether it’s an RRSP or TSFA -- or preferably both -- they are both important and easy ways to help you achieve your financial goals.

Huseyin Celil is seen here with one of his youngest children in this 2006 photo taken shortly before his arrest. Creative Commons

The forgotten Canadian languishing in a Chinese jail

Charles Burton, Brock University

Another case involving an even more egregious violation of international law by China against Canada languishes largely forgotten. Huseyin Celil, a Canadian citizen, has been in jail since 2006.

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