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Courage and contribution

There's a persistent myth or misconception that refugees don't contribute to Australian society.

But it's almost impossible to imagine a Victoria without the significant social, economic and cultural contributions that refugees make to our state.

Refugee Week is an important time for us all to recognise these benefits come to us from people who are an incredible source of courage, ingenuity and inspiration.

Let's take this time to look at what refugees can teach us and reflect on their positive impact in Victoria.


·        What can we learn from the refugee experience? - register or live stream 

·        Q & A with a Commissioner - Sam Almaliki, Refugee Week Ambassador

·        Diversity Heroes update - Roshan Bhandry, 2015 Multicultural Award winner


·         Strength from struggle: Whittlesea Refugee Week 2016 - 22 June 2016

·         Diversitat Refugee Dinner - 23 June 2016

·         Heartlands 2016 Arts Project - Dandenong screening - 25 July 2016