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Cruise with a Mission - Newsletter

July 2011

Get on Board!


Time is running out! There are only 44 days left until the sign up deadline on September 10.  Plan today to join us on board with Cruise with a Mission! 

Get to Know the CWM Team!


Fidi Mwero - CWM Director, lives in Redlands, CA where he is the Pastor at Calimesa Seventh-day Adventist Church. Fidi, a CWM veteran, affectionately shares, CWM "showed me how God moves in hearts and lives when young adults who love Jesus come together for a purpose and a goal." Learn more about Fidi as CWM Director.


Edward Teh - CWM Assistant Director, lives in Loma Linda, CA where he works at Loma Linda University Medical Center running and maintaning the networked systems. Edward first became involved in CWM in 2007, for their maiden voyage. His experiences with CWM have given him the opportunity to see just how God could use him to help serve others. Get to know Edward more as CWM Assistant Director.


Vern Byrd - Belize Port Director, works as Operations Manager for the Center for Youth Evangelism in Berrien Springs, MI, and as a part-time firefigher in Southbend, IN. Vern will be the port director in Belize and wants to send out a short blurb about what will be going on there, "WOW, just a little over 5 months to go and we will take over the small country of Belize for a once in a life time- one day mission trip. I have already been getting calls for projects on the small city of Belize. Their asking, "what will you be doing" "can you come and help us in our town". The interest projects at the moment are: orphanages, SDA high and elementary school and working with the local city government in medical relief. We hope to see you soon for that once in a life changing adventure on CWM. If you gave any ideas or thoughts, please email me at  vernbyrd@me.com." Read more about Vern as Belize Port Director.


Lauryn Wild - Hospitality Director, works as an English Language Program Specialist in the San Bernardino School District, where she previously taught 7th and 8th grade. Lauryn is coming to see that the impact she has may come in ordinary moments, "I am realizing that, while I cannot solve the students' problems, I can point them to Jesus...and just by listening and being there I can perhaps let one child at a time experience God's grace." CWM is happy to welcome Lauryn to the team where her outgoing and mission driven personality will shape her role as Hospitality Director.


Japhet De Oliveira - CWM Producer, lives in Berrien Springs, MI where he is the Director for the Center for Youth Evangelism and Chaplain for Missions. Japhet is devoted to missionary serivce and feels CWM is a great opportunity to create life long memories. Read more about Japhet as CWM Producer.


Visit the Cruise With a Mission website to view and read more about the CWM team!

Medical & Dental Licenses Needed


This reminder is for any medical or dental person, including registered nurses, participating with Cruise with a Mission. Please fax your licenses to practice medical/dental work to Belize Port Director, Vern Byrd at 269.471.8355. This important documentation needs to be sent to the local governments of the Belize and Honduras ports; please send these papers in by  September 30th.

If for some reason the fax fails, please scan the license and email it to vernbyrd@me.com.

In addition, if everyone is interested in or is planning on bringing medical or dental equipment please fax or email a list of the equipment to Vern as well.