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Welcome - Issue 13

Welcome to the EconomicDevelopment.org newsletter! Feel free to drop us a line at connect@economicdevelopment.org with any questions or comments you might have about EconomicDevelopment.org. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest. We'd love to hear from you.

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Featured Contributor: Kadie Ward

Kadie Ward

For the newest edition of our Featured Contributor series, I chatted with Kadie Ward. Kadie is one of our regular contributors, and wrote three of our top posts of 2013. Here's what she had to say about her work in economic development.

Tell me how you first got involved in economic development? How long have you been in the field? Where are you now? Kadie Ward - SmallI’ve been working in economic development for 12 years.  I joined my local Chamber of Commerce during my third year of University and immediately gravitated to policy and communications.  I was interested in how national, provincial and local policy shaped economic growth, and how we, as civic leaders, communicated the impact policy had on our local economies.  

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The Higher ED Blog: What does regionalism mean for innovation in rural communities?

By Tamara Bangura

In October 2013, The Economist released a special report, “The Gated Globe”. It got me thinking about my recently completed major research paper (MRP), “Rural Innovation and Regional Economic Development: Policy Lessons from the Research Triangle Park and TechBelt Regions”. The Economist’s report highlighted how nation states are moving from multilateral agreements to regional ones with like-minded counterparts, focusing on regional collaborative initiatives to attain market advantages and innovative leads, thereby proliferating the role of regionalism in local economic development.

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Collaborative Innovation – the New Competitive Edge for Economic Development

By John Jung

Much has been said about innovation as well as collaboration, but when the two mix, they create something entirely new and special. Let’s call it collaborative innovation.

We all recognize that innovation refers to something new, changed and better than the original as it breaks away from traditional approaches. For this article, I am suggesting that it’s about creating better solutions that meet the new requirements of our cities, economies and societies.

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Creative Economy Report 2013: Widening Local Development Pathways

By Greg Baeker

In a previous blog I reported on findings from the 2010 the United Nations report The Creative Economy Report built on a 3-year international study of growth in cultural goods and services.  The report defines the broader creative economy as existing ‘at the crossroads of the arts, culture, business and technology.’ The report concludes that creative goods and services have grown at an average annual rate of 14% over the past 6 years, with the potential to become one of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy.

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Review: Time for Outrage

It may surprise you to hear that one of the most powerful documents of today’s modern youth movements – from Occupy Wall Street in America to the Indignados of Spain – was actually written by a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor and French Resistance fighter.Stéphane Hessel was born in Berlin in 1917, became a French citizen in 1939, and joined the French army upon the outbreak of World War II.  In 1941, while France was occupied by the Germans, he joined the French Resistance, but was captured in 1944 during the lead-up into the D-Day invasions.  He was sent to the Buchenwald and Dora Nazi concentration camps, but escaped during a transfer to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, making his way across Germany to link up with the United States Army. Following the war, Hessel worked with the United Nations, assisting Eleanor Roosevelt and others in the drafting of the UN ‘s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He followed this with a successful career in diplomacy and public service, and died earlier this year at the age of 95.

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