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CSL Season 4 is Coming....

Thousands of people tuned in to our past three seasons of BCI Courtside Live, our series of real-time, interactive public (free!) events that connect pro basketball players to kids and fans around the world.  While the topics of conversation vary according to questions asked by fans and the moderator, and responses given by players, the general theme of each chat includes practical and spiritual aspects of life in the pros.  There's no script, so the conversations are totally authentic.  Players speak from the heart for a unique experience that can be shared by everyone, everywhere. 

...Mark Your iCals!

Most fourth season dates have been announced!  All BCI Courtside Live events will be aired from 9:00 - 10:00 pm ET.  Three players and one moderator are announced a few weeks before each event.

  • Tuesday, October 25 (pre-season)
  • Monday, February 13 (pre-NBA All-Star Weekend)
  • Tuesday, March 28 (pre-NCAA Final Four Weekend)
  • TBD Early June (pre-NBA Championship Series)

Our fourth season begins in a month, but you don't need to wait to be inspired.  If you missed any of the previous years' CSL events, or would like to view again, just watch them here.

...Advertise @CSL!

BCI Courtside Live has had three great seasons, and we're planning more big things for year four.  Our audience consists of middle and high school basketball teams, youth groups and interested basketball fans.  If you'd like to advertise at a BCI CSL event, or support us as a sponsor, visit BCIEdge.org for details.

We can't tell you which players are interested in participating in a CSL chat (we're bound to secrecy until each pre-event announcement!) and we can't tell you who will say what (because it's unscripted), but it's going to be an amazing fourth season - with a few surprises in store.  See you courtside!

BCI offers BCILoop, BCI Basketball Plus, BCI Courtside Live and other opportunities for players to grow and connect.  Our real product grows in the hearts of players and their fans.  You can't buy it in stores, or online.  But it never wears out, it looks good on everyone, and it never goes out of style.  It's all about active faith, to impact and influence!

Always keep looking up.


Kathy Scheuerman
Basketball Club International



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