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A summer greeting from our CEO

This fall, I have had the privilege of working with the development of Stockholm Life in Hagastaden for four years.

Lots have happened during these years, and we start to notice that also people outside the life science sector pay attention to the new city district and what is happening.

Hagastaden will be characterised by research and development. A number of streets in Hagastaden have names of female pioneers within education, science, research and healthcare. Also public art in the area will emanate from science, with the theme “building blocks of life”.


The Stockholm County Administrative Board is ready to invest in subway to Hagastaden

In 2025 Hagastaden, will be completed. However, it has not been clear how the residents and visitors are supposed to travel to and from Hagastaden. Now, the Stockholm County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) has presented a proposal where they agree to co-finance the construction of a subway to 50%, corresponding to about 825 million SEK. According to the plan, the subway will be completed in 2022. The proposal is on referral.

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The Science & SciLifeLab Prize

Science/AAAS and SciLifeLab, a coordinated effort of four Swedish universities, have joined forces in creating the Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists.

Considering the difficult economic environment, they feel it is important to provide extra encouragement to young scientists as they begin their scientific careers. Each year, the grand prize winner will receive a prize of US$25,000.


Don't miss Digital Health Days in August

“Modern healthcare offers so many new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment, but there is also a need for improvements to meet the demands of an ageing population and increasing costs. It’s exciting that Digital Health Days is placed in Stockholm since this is the region that is growing most in Sweden and where the need for improvements in healthcare will be greatest.” Says Stefan Ohlsson, Healthcare Industry Leader, IBM.

August 21 the doors open for the very first Digital Health Days – the brand new arena for setting the future healthcare agenda. Are we on the brink of a medical revolution, supported by powerful IT development and recent scientific advances? What new possibilities will arise with the digitalization of health information, cheap genetic tests, ever-present mobile devices and new wearable sensors? Register now to make sure you don´t miss the opportunity to join the conversation about the future health.


Stockholm Life at MSD seminar in Almedalen: How can Sweden promote successful clusters within medical research

Ylva Williams, CEO of Stockholm Science City Foundation will moderate the discussion on life science cluster development.

What can Sweden learn from one of the most successful areas in the world - Boston? How can we create an environment where companies want to invest? What can politicians do to increase Swedens attraction power?

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News from Tools of Science

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