August 28, 2013


Quarterly Customs: A Conversation with Premier Mounts Founder and CEO, Len Dozier


With an expansive team of industry-leaders, Premier Mounts has a unique opportunity to turn to any one of our staff for insight into the world of A/V mounts. Here, we sat down with Premier Mounts founder and CEO, Len Dozier, for a three-part series on his experience in the mounting industry. Join us at ground zero as he discusses the early days of custom mounts:


“In the beginning, almost every mount was custom. When Flat-Panel Display technology first came out, about the only place you would mount a flat-panel was on a wall. Stands hadn’t even been invented, and the products were very prone to breakage. So, consequently, a lot of our custom work started because we were working with manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Fujitsu, and Hitachi to correct those issues.

We were being asked a lot in those early days to create a solution in partnership with a display manufacturer- in a unique market that they wanted to try to introduce flat-panel sales to. And then things started to establish themselves. Flat-wall mounts, tiling wall mounts; they were pretty much commodities as far as how they mounted. Then we started doing the same thing with ceiling mounts. In the early days we would take our wall mounts, create an adapter and convert them into ceiling mounts. They looked pretty ugly from the back, but they worked. And then about four years ago, our senior design engineer and I created a custom ceiling mount in our ECM series. It's since become a staple of ours, and it’s also now a stock product. A lot of times it would start out that someone would ask us "Can you make something that would do this or that?" We do it, and if its acceptance seems pretty high, and we may go into mass production on it. There you can see the evolution from custom-only to our current combination of custom and stock products..."


Want More?


...For an in-depth look at our custom process, click the thumbnail (or here), and be sure to watch our upcoming blog for more on this interview series!


Premier Mounts Gets Going with Fitness Program


This month, Premier Mounts announced its company-wide wellness program using Sonic Boom. This new wellness program encourages our team to move toward being lean, mean fighting machines! Health is important to us here at Premier Mounts, and we plan to prove it with a series of get-fit challenges, nutritional updates, and some friendly competition with our new Sonic Stride pedometers (they're not just for walking!)


Follow our progress and join in our fun by following updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to comment with any encouragement or challenge suggestions- we'll tag you if we use your idea!


We Put You First in our Value Assortment Line


Premier Mounts' Value Assortment line upholds our standard quality-assured, reliable mounting products, all at a low cost to you.  Choose from a variety of projector mounts, flat-panel mounts, and accessories.  More information is available at

Visit the Value Assortment website and enter for your chance to be our next giveaway winner and receive a FREE mount.  Sign up here, then follow us on Twitter @ValueAssortment and watch for your name to be announced next month!


The Sun is Setting on our LMV Summer Promotion


Summer is almost over, and so is our LMV Summer Promotion, ending September 13th! Be sure to call your Premier Mounts rep today and take advantage of this limited-time offer. Click here for more information.


August iPad winners


Now announcing our iPad winners for August 2013. Congratulations to Jeffrey Imhoff, Chris Hermanson, and Francisco Lopez-Mieres!


Now Available




The FPS-200 flat-panel lifting mount provides a simple stationary or mobile wall-mounted unit that utilizes a motorized lifting and lowering system to help gently guide the display to the desired height. Mounting over the top of a whiteboard, the FPS-200 can be easily adjusted to the desired vertical position and provide a great tool for interactive presentations or classroom learning environments.




The FPS-300 Flat-Panel Slider mount also includes a motorized lifting and lowering system to help gently glide the display to the desired height. A great option for educational use in the classroom or training and information sessions, the flat-panel mount uses steel channels to mount the display over the top of a whiteboard. The mount easily glides the display across the whiteboard and rolls the display into place.




Attaching to cart or stand configurations in less than a minute, the precisely designed PSD-HDCA makes installation a simple, one step process with no special tools required. The PSD-HDCA adapter proves versatile with its ability to adapt to any of Premier Mounts PSD dual pole stands, UFA adapter plates, or AV shelves, providing a wide array of mounting options. With a 4.5” bolt pattern, the attached mount has a 100 × 100 mm VESA mounting pattern as well as a tested weight capacity of 500 lb., making it accessible for a vast amount of displays. With Premier Mounts’ UFA adapter plate series, the PSD-HDCA will easily work with mounts with a 200 × 200 mm VESA pattern as well as any other custom pattern in the UFA series.

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