Issue 71
  1. A customisable shelving system
  2. A shortcut bar for Mac
  3. Replace your router with small pods
  4. Make your Mac battery last longer
  5. Add 'smart' features to any watch
  6. Combined task and productivity manager

Howdy everyone!

Keeping this short: it's been a wintery week(end) here in Melbourne which means I've been mostly stuck in my study working on Offscreen Issue 15. Enjoy this week's issue! 


PS: I'm looking for a few more TMD sponsors for the month of July. You can find out more here (or reply to this email to ask questions/ask about discounts for booking more than one issue.)


This Weekʼs Line-Up

A customisable shelving system

Nomino Wall is a versatile and modular storage system that you can customise and extend in whatever way it suits your office space (or living room).

A shortcut bar for Mac

I've been using Alfred as my preferred quick-access/launcher tool for Mac for years now, but Lacona seems like a very solid alternative. Like Alfred, it uses simple text-based commands to trigger a multitude of actions. 

Replace your router with small pods

I like all the innovation around wifi routers these days. Plume is another such attempt to make routers smarter, more reliable, and easier to setup and manage. Instead of just one device, Plume consists of a set of little pods you can distribute around your home that all communicate with each other to provide the best experience. The only thing I'd be a bit concerned about is my electricity bill. ;) 

Make your Mac battery last longer

Endurance is a little menu bar app that promises up to 20% better battery performance for when you're on the go. It does so by changing settings and turning off functions when your charge level drops below a certain point.

Add 'smart' features to any watch

Chronos is a coin-sized little disc you can add to the bottom of your existing watch to add 'smart' features like fitness tracking, alerts, and music control. It's a great idea, although I'm not sure how I'd feel about the added bulk.

Combined task and productivity manager

There certainly is no shortage of to-do list apps, and with a check mark as an app icon Proud fulfils all the necessary criteria. A reader recommended Proud as his favourite one yet because "it nicely combines task managing, productivity tracking, and simple reminders to take breaks every once in a while." 

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