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First units shipped!

Bees buzzing into a beehive

Hi there!

Late last year we shipped our first small run of Hivemind units to customers! The units are recording weights and sending the data back via the large Iridium satellite network.

It's been great to have several devices underneath real beehives in the field. Our initial customers have been crucial in helping us find and fix teething problems -- thank you very much.

We're working hard and continuing to improve both the product itself and the online weight graphs, so stay tuned for features and add-ons.

Volume production

We just finished manufacturing our first volume production run, and these will be ready to order along with our new, pallet-compatible scales discussed below.

Two features you've asked for that we've included in this version:

  • A low-profile unit that you can place in your hive lids to prevent vandalism.
  • "Suspend mode", a low off-season rate we've arranged with our satellite provider that you can switch to for certain months of the year.

Pallet-compatible scale

Many beekeepers have asked whether we have a pallet-compatible version of our scale. Great question, and the answer is "very nearly".

We have a design in place -- see the image on the right for an idea of how it'll fit together. Essentially it will slot right in between your hive boxes and the bottom board.  We plan to have these scales available in late February, so you won't need to hold your breath for long!

Please get in touch if you'd like more information about this option for a small and unobtrusive scale.

More coming soon

A short update, but thanks for reading. We'll keep you posted with further updates as we have them, especially regarding availability and our pallet-based scale.

Until then, get in touch by replying to this email, phoning us on (02) 8188 2768 in Australia or (03) 741 1204 in New Zealand, or visiting the Hivemind website.