A new year letter from the SUN Movement Coordinator

Dear colleagues,

For many, 2016 was an unforgettable year – for better or for worse. Today, the new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. Let’s help write that story by setting goals and taking stock. A story where the conflict of shifting the focus of food systems from merely providing food, to providing nourishment, is resolved – making our world a prosperous one, where no one is left behind. A story where building effective partnerships and breaking down silos, is the inciting action that makes this world a reality. A story where women and girls are the main characters, at the centre of all action. A story which ends by making malnutrition, in all its forms, history by 2030.


In August 2016, I was honoured to join you on this journey as the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Coordinator, at a time when the SUN Movement’s collective energy and enthusiasm was rising to the challenge of demonstrating results and lasting human impact at scale. In this new year letter, I wish to reflect on how the global nutrition community has seen a phenomenal year in our joint mission to firmly cement the nutrition agenda as a critical development priority, everywhere.



Our 2017 new year storify features messages from across the Movement, including our new Lead Group members.

#HappyNewYear from the SUN Movement

Photo credit: UNICEF / Benoit Almeras from Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

SUN Country progress towards Scaling Up Nutrition

The first-ever checklist for quality national nutrition plans has been launched

Designed for policymakers, based in national planning bodies and line ministries, nutrition stakeholders involved in planning processes, as well as independent reviewers, this checklist aims to assist the systematic review of existing multi-sectoral nutrition plans and other nutrition-related sectoral planning documents, and, in parallel, it serves as a complementary guiding tool in the development of new plans. READ MORE ►

A Senegal village expo puts complementary feeding in the spotlight

On 17 December 2016, the exposition “Wallu Doom” brought hundreds to Pikine city, east of Dakar city centre in Senegal, to get involved in activities about complementary feeding. READ MORE ►

Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire exchange experiences in converging nutrition interventions

From 13 to 17 December 2016, a delegation from Côte d'Ivoire embarked on a learning exchange with colleagues in Senegal on the topic of converging nutrition interventions. READ MORE ►

Sierra Leone launches its Food-Based Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Eating

On 13 December 2016, Sierra Leone's Food-Based Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Eating were launched at the Miattia Conference Hall in the presence of Vice President, Victor Bokarie Foh and First Lady, Sia Nyama Koroma. READ MORE ►

Nigeria hosts regional partners at the 32nd Food Crisis Prevention Network annual meeting

From 12-14 December 2016, the Federal Republic of Nigeria hosted the 32nd Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) annual meeting. The event, under the patronage of the Commissions of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), brought together representatives of Sahel and West African governments in addition to civil society and private sector organisations and technical and financial partners. READ MORE ►

Global and regional efforts in support of Scaling Up Nutrition

The Compendium of Actions for Nutrition is now available!

The UN Network for SUN has launched a Compendium of Actions for Nutrition (CAN): A list of possible nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive actions including multi-sectoral governance. READ MORE ►

The World Bank launches a practical guide on stepping up early childhood development

On 15 December 2016, the World Bank Group with the support of the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, launched "Stepping up Early Childhood Development: Investing in Young Children for High Returns", a guide for policymakers and practitioners. READ MORE ►

International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition

On 1 December 2016, the International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition was opened at the Headquarters of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy. READ MORE ►

SUN Movement Calendar of Events

Review upcoming and submit events of interest on the SUN Movement nutrition events calendar. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CALENDAR ONLINE ▶

Snapshot of key events in January:

  • 9-14 January, SUN Civil Society Network regional workshop, Indonesia
  • 17-20 January, World Economic Forum, Switzerland
  • 23-25 January, INGENAES global symposium and learning exchange, Zambia
  • 31 January, SUN Civil Society Network Learning Route Webinar

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