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  • Made from the finest wools of New Zealand

  • Superior comfort with versatile design and long lasting performance

  • 16 contemporary, timeless colours

At, there’s no goating around when it comes to the quality of Australian manufactured carpets!

Unlike other products in the marketplace today, we pride ourselves on comfort and quality, sparing no expense to source only the finest raw materials to produce a product that is extremely soft, opulent while being practical.

Our flagship Studio range is the prime example of this, being manufactured with only the purest New Zealand wools – considered the world’s finest natural material for carpets. Accept no imitations as Studio is known for quality, comfort and simplicity, it is an inspiring choice for high surface pile mass carpets.

3-ply premium New Zealand wool.
Studio is constructed with a clean and crisp tailored-loop pile, designed to highlight the range’s stunning colour suite.

Highly versatile design.
Studio’s linear ‘ribbed’ appearance is suitable for any living area. This is complemented by its non-geometric pattern, which enables it to enhance almost any interior theme.

Long-lasting performance.
Rated extra heavy duty for both domestic and commercial applications, Studio’s long-fibre, heavy-weight 44oz pile will maintain its luxurious feel throughout years of usage.

A kaleidoscope of colours.
Studio comes in a carefully considered palette of no less than 16 contemporary, yet timeless colours, including many hard-to-find hues for distinctive feature areas.

Keeps soiling secret.
When accidents occur, Studio’s beautiful opaque low shine will help to prevent soiling catching the eye before the next vacuum.

For more information about the stunning Studio range, please follow the links below:

For more information or a product presentation, please call our Customer Care Team on 1800 324 768 or email

Wool: The natural choice for style and sustainability.

For centuries it’s been said that, when it comes to floor coverings, there is simply no substitute for wool; and that sentiment remains true today.

Wool’s inherent characteristics lend it a raft of practical benefits ideally suited to multi-residential living, including outstanding insulative qualities, remarkable softness, safety and longevity. Being a natural fibre, it’s also 100% sustainable and is produced with a fraction of the energy required for synthetics.

Yet these impressive facts tell only part of the story, for it’s how wool makes us feel that most clearly sets it apart. There is truly nothing like the effortless style and elegance of a living space defined by wool.

Premium durability.
Woollen fibres are naturally extremely strong, making them highly resilient to crushing and flattening, and longer lasting than synthetic alternatives.

Luxurious comfort.
Wool’s opaque, non-shiny fibres are not only delightfully soft to the touch, but pleasingly easy on the eye, ensuring it adds a relaxing sense of warmth and luxury to any living space.

Naturally fire resistant.
Wool is the most fire resistant of all carpet fibres. It will not burn, melt or emit poisonous gases, making it an extremely safe option for multi-residential applications.

Excellent thermal qualities.
Wool has the welcome capacity to keep you naturally cooler in summer, and warmer in winter.

A designer’s delight.
Wool is the carpet designer’s—and very often the interior designer’s—fibre of choice, offering an almost limitless capacity to manipulate colour, tone, texture and feel. The most beautiful carpet designs are always in wool. on Facebook on Instagram on Youtube on Vimeo on Pinterest on LinkedIn on Google+

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