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All in it together ...


From Brexit, storms, floods, stock market crash and now the horror of coronavirus it is clear these have been, and continue to be, very difficult times indeed.

I just thought I would update everyone on what we are doing as a business to protect our team, our company, our customers and of course your pets!


Thank goodness all the horror stories about our dogs and cats being able to get Corvid 19 were just stories!

Firstly, let me reassure you that we are following all government guidelines regarding hygiene within the building. We are disinfecting every surface, door handles, tills, card machines and anywhere else, every opportunity we get.

Our cashiers have gallons of hand sanitiser which they are using often between transactions and even have bottles on their belts! Everyone is frequently washing their hands  and I would also remind you that there is always hand soap in our customer toilets for you to use when visiting or leaving....and we have plenty of toilet roll!

Fortunately we forecast a few weeks ago that there might be higher demand for many of our best- selling foods, treats, litters and other essentials and although we have been exceptionally busy, I assure you we have plenty of stock and are refilling on a daily basis, so please don’t panic.

If you do feel uncomfortable visiting because you feel at risk please let one of our team know and they will all happily keep their distance as much as possible during your transaction and you can ask for a free squirt of hand gel before you leave 😄

Scampers are very fortunate in that we have such a very large store and very wide aisles, which means you are able to keep a little distance from other visitors and you won’t see the horrendous scenes we have all witnessed at some of the supermarkets! Thank goodness.

We have a brilliant business and we are not going to let this virus ruin 35 years of blood, sweat and tears! Every independent retailer relies on the support of their community and Scampers are no different. These are clearly exceptional circumstances but we as a team are not going to let this get us down and we will continue to need your support.

And finally, although you might think we would batten down the hatches we are still adding many new products with more on the way so please keep an eye on our Social Media and website for details including any Covid updates.

May we now take this opportunity to wish all of you stay healthy and we will all beat this together !

Now wash your hands 😊

Piers , Michelle, Rooster, Sardine and the whole Scampers team


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Places to stay and play for you and your dogs!

www.dogfriendly.co.uk is the largest and most accurate database of dog friendly places where you can be confident that your dog will be made as welcome as you.

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