In 14 states today, from Vermont to California, people vote in what’s known as “Super Tuesday,” the one day that will award the single biggest number of delegates in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race.

Primaries are party functions, and it turns out that despite heightened interest in this year’s primaries, parties themselves are not held in high regard by members. About 57% of Americans believe that parties do “such a poor job” that a third major party is needed. Only 38% think that parties do “an adequate job.”

But political scientist Alexander Cohen of Clarkson University says that parties are not going away. “They are necessary and inevitable,” says Cohen, who details the many essential functions parties perform in the American democracy.

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Despite voter dissatisfaction with the Republican and Democratic parties, they are likely to persist. Shutterstock/Victor Moussa

The two-party system is here to stay

Alexander Cohen, Clarkson University

Despite the fact that only 38% of Americans say they think the Democratic and Republican parties are doing 'an adequate job,' they're unlikely to disappear.

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