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Jean Feeney - 'Malin, Hebrides - Fair'

Next artist show of gallery favourite Jean Feeney previews on Friday 24 August 6-8pm. Join the artist at the Preview for an early viewing and some summer fizz or take a look at her work online

'Malin, Hebrides - Fair'  is taken from the the shipping forecast areas that encompass the Western Isles of Scotland from Lewis to Barra, Mull and islands southward. Measured tones from the radio bulletin that lull us to sleep at midnight-48 but which have dramatic effect on residents of the Western seaboard.  In fair weather and foul Jean has travelled these islands for years and the paintings on show reflect the spots that caught her attention; places memorable perhaps for the light after a storm, a grand sunset or maybe for their romantic isolation.  She makes deliberate use of high colour to emphasise how we feel about the safe haven of settled crofts with dark brooding hills in the distance. And she switches often to a panoramic format to fit in the sweep of those sandy bays and low-lying islets.

Jean Feeney Preview Friday 24 Aug 6-8pm

Across to Luskentyre. Jean Feeney  oil on canvas. 120x40 cm

Sunlit Water, Isle of Harris. Jean Feene

Sunlit Water, Isle of Harris. Jean Feeney. oil on canvas 50x50 cm.

Poppy Field. Jean Feeney

Poppy Field. Jean Feeney. oil on canvas 100x100 cm

New Work from Patsy McArthur

Compression I, Patsy McArthur, oil on canvas

Glasgow-based artist Patsy McArthur is widely known for large scale figure studies both in pastel /conte and on canvas.  The poise, balance and dynamism of her drawings is the result of long hours spent working with life models in the studio.  We love her waterworld images which catch the dappled broken light.  These are contemplative paintings; stare long enough and you will begin to hear the disconnected, muffled sounds of play above water in Compression I, oil on canvas, 90x70 cm

New Work from Joe O'Brien

The Doo Thieves. Joe O'Brien

The surreal lyrical narrative of Stephen Campbell, The hyper realism of Peter Howson sans the brute strength; no single comparison does justice to the originality of thought and line in Joe O'Brien's work.  Always asking questions and making subliminal connections in his paintings; the key that unlocks the enigma in each of his paintings is hard to find but worth discovering.  The Doo Thieves reflects images of his upbringing, behind a scene of basic honesty among chancers.  View his work online at Annan Gallery here. Joe's work will be featured in the Gallery from 15-23 September 2012 and will be seen at Affordable Art, Amsterdam in October.


Catcherism. Joe O'Brien. oil on canvas, 113x80 cm

Sans Culottes. Joe O'Brien oil on canvas, 30x60 cm

Scottish Artists on the Road

Annan Gallery has a limited programme of Art Fairs at which we showcase the work of selected Scottish artists to a wider audience.

Aberdeen Art Fair

Aberdeen Art Fair 18-19 August 2012. Last weekend.

Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam. 25-28 October 2012.  We will be showing work by Patsy McArthur, Joe O'Brien, Frank McFadden, Georgie McMaster, Beth Robertson Fiddes among others in this iconic venue - a beautiful, airy conversion of a circular industrial gas holder.

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