Legislature Moves to Increase Parent Accountability for Students

In January of 2015, the "Parent Responsibility Act" was presented to the Michigan House of Representatives by its sponsor, Al Pscholka. This bill would amend MCL 400.57b of the Michigan Social Welfare Act to prevent families with a child who misses too much school from receiving welfare benefits in the form of cash assistance.

The "Parent Responsibility Act" would add truancy conditions to MCL 400.57b. If a child under the age of 16 does not meet the attendance requirements of the Michigan Revised School Code, the family independence program assistance group is prohibited from receiving assistance. The Michigan Revised School Code provides that a child’s parent or guardian must send the child to a public school during the entire school year from age six to sixteen. MCL 380.1561(1). If the truant child is aged sixteen and over, that child is removed from the program group and the rest of the group may continue to receive assistance.

While the bill may well become law, its potential effectiveness will remain a significant question. The goal of this bill is to make sure that kids are in school so that they can succeed and move forward in life. Some legislators believe education is the best defense against poverty and these truancy provisions will help impoverished children get an education. However, there have already been many criticisms and opponents of the bill. READ MORE HERE.

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