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New London Studio

Studio Toogood has moved to its new sixth-floor home on Old Street. Please do get in touch if you would like to visit, and don’t forget to change the address in your address book: Unit 12, 49-59 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX

Agender, designed by Faye Toogood for Selfridges

Faye Toogood has designed a radical new retail department for Selfridges – Agender. This inhouse concept store goes beyond the concepts of androgyny and unisex to question the innate assumptions that still underpin gendered clothing in the 21st century. The space is stripped of all the trappings of merchandising; the garments, include the Selfridges debut of Toogood’s Collection 002, are sold in unbranded bags and archive boxes. This uniform packaging breaks down retail’s artificial divisions, and thereby democratises it; handwritten descriptions serve in place of labels, while a slashed opening at the back gives a glimpse of the clothing within.

The Agender concept store is split into two discrete zones, each conceived as a “house” with genderless and abstracted sculptures positioned around it. These houses emulate familiar domestic structures, but are rendered transparent by the use of a steel-mesh framework in place of bricks. The house on the store’s first-floor enconjures urban fleshpots, employing vulcanised rubber and latex in a warm pink palette; in contrast, the second-floor house has the primal feel of Art Brut, with horsehair, steel and concrete in naïve earth tones. Rough sketches and masking-tape logos contribute to the sense of Agender as a curated archive rather than an aggressively branded retail environment.

12 March - 25 April
Weekday opening hours 9:30am - 9pm
Sunday opening hours 11:30 am - 6:15 pm

Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB 

Faye Toogood at Oliver Gustav, Copenhagen

Faye Toogood will be presenting Assemblage 4 - Roly Poly - and previewing the next series of uniforms from Toogood's 003 Collection at Oliver Gustav’s gallery in Copenhagen.

Roly-Poly Assemblage No.4
20 March - 20 April

Collection 003 by Toogood
20 March - 27 March

Weekday Opening Hours: 11am-5pm
Saturday 11am-3pm, Sunday and Monday Closed

Studio Oliver Gustav, Store Strandstraede 9, Copenhagen



Indigo Storm by Faye Toogood for 1882

The Indigo Storm collection of ceramics is now in production and stocked across the world, including at Barneys New York and LA, and La Rinascente Milan. Please get in touch if you would like to know your nearest stockist.

Out Now - Collection 002 by Toogood

Faye and Erica Toogood’s second collection is now available. Please take a look at the lookbook online and get in touch for your nearest stockist: 


We are the faceless workers! Our collars are blue, through and through! So too are the sleeves upon which we wear our hearts, and the backs across which we blazon our deepest creeds and ideals. Blue is our livery – the royal teint that flows through aristocratic veins, diverted and reclaimed by the labouring masses. Whatever our field or trade – industry, construction, repair, service, retail – it is constantly present, the ballpoint hue whose inky pigment writes of countless decades of toil and struggle.

The time has come to stand firm and forge a new identity from these durable blueprints. Nineteen unisex garments – in shapes that are new but always familiar – manufactured in Britain by honest hands. Tough cottons and hardwearing linens united in fresh purpose, with digitally printed slogans writ large for all the world to see. The dignity of the workers’ blues, with none of the depression.
In the conformity of labour, we find a new expression of ourselves. We are the faceless workers! And we are all individuals!

Toogood at Paris Fashion Week Collection 003

Faye and Erica Toogood launch collection 003 - A/W 2015 during Paris Fashion Week.


Your individuality is a precious and fragile thing – you must protect it at any cost. Assailed by conformity, beset by convention, you must look to your own unique traits and keep them safe.

We are archivists of the body, curators of the soul. With folds of felt and waxed cotton we envelop your frame, and wrap it all up with string. With layers of clinging film we keep your ideas fresh, all sealed away with prophylactic care. Packaged and preserved, you will endure.

We are urban survivalists, outward bound in the inner city. With chunky knits and padded linens, we insulate you on your expeditions, preserving your inner warmth in an environment as cold and uncaring as the eyes of strangers. Against harsh wind and smog, we will swaddle and coddle you.

Let the elements rain down upon you! Let the modern world throw at you what it will! You are protected!

Protect and survive!


5 - 12 March
Opening hours 10am - 7pm

9 Rue des Arquebusiers
75003 Paris


Toogood for Clarks:Rebooted

A global artist initiative to celebrate 65 years of the iconic Desert Boot for the Halo Trust.

'The Shepherd' by Toogood deconstructs the classic desert boot silhouette by paring away sections of the leather upper, revealing an inner sock of soft fleece. Thick laces reach up from the eyelets to entwine the calves of the leg, evoking the footwear worn by herdsmen in rural antiquity. The contrast of materials – untamed fleece and polished city leather – evokes the shepherd’s nomadic way of life.

Limited edition available for purchase in the UK & EU from the 6th of April and the US from the 13th of April.


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