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Turkey Shelter Response: Situation Report #1 March 3, 2023

In a small village tucked into rolling hills on the outskirts of Adyiaman, Turkey, a village of 300 has deeply felt the devastation of loss from the recent, massive earthquake. As we have engaged with community leaders, we discovered that 20 people lost their lives in the quake. This agriculturally based community has warmly received us and has shown wonderful Turkish hospitality. Tea times have been a welcomed distraction— allowing us to quickly build a bridge of trust.

The focus of Hope Force International’s efforts is the provision of emergency shelters — something that is desperately needed.  We count it a great privilege to be in a position to demonstrate the incredible, tangible love of God in such a manner.  This would not be possible without prayer and financial partners like you — including our Hope Force staff and Reservists who have traveled great distances and have worked hard and faithfully.

The loss is great in this tight-knit village, and it is a glimpse of the larger devastation in the city of Adyiaman — a city of 600,000.  The city resembles a ghost town at night as many people have fled to other parts of Turkey. Those left behind are living in tents on the city streets and parks close to their homes.

Our current Hope Force team members are diligently navigating many obstacles as they erect emergency shelters with local partners. They are also preparing the way for future efforts. HFI’s “Team Two” will be arriving soon to continue the work — offering help and inspiring hope during such a time as this.

Your ongoing prayers and financial donations form a vital partnership in compassion.  We do not take this trust lightly, and we offer a heartfelt “Thank You!”

Would you please consider helping us provide shelter for these earthquake survivors?