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Newsletter 10 - June 11, 2021

From The Principal

As we move towards the conclusion of what has been a very busy term, I would again like to thank all families for their assistance and support of our school activities and events. Schools cannot work in isolation and the level of community connection in our school continues to grow.

Welcome New School Board Members

Last Thursday our School Board met for their Term 2 meeting. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome our new community member Danielle Giles.
The Board of a public school works with the school community to achieve the best outcomes for students. It plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students.
The functions of Boards are covered by legislation and include both approval and advisory roles. Some of the matters Boards may make decisions on include fees and charges, book lists, sponsorship and dress codes. School Boards make these decisions with the principal who ensures the decisions adhere to legislative and policy requirements. Principals also seek the advice of the School Boards so as to understand local community views.

Semester 1 Reports

Our Semester 1 student reports will be going home on Tuesday 29 June, Week 11. These reports document student progress during the semester.  Our teachers have invested hours in writing these reports and we suggest that you take the time to carefully read them and discuss them with your child/children. If your child’s teacher would like to meet with you, please contact them to arrange a mutually convenient time for a face to face or phone interview. It is preferable to have this interview during Week 11 so you can set goals with your child for Semester 2.

Subiaco Cross-Country Carnival

The Cross-Country Carnival was held on Friday 18 June.
It was wonderful to see so many parents supporting the students. We were blessed with beautiful weather and our students rose to the challenge displaying resilience, great sportsmanship and camaraderie. Thank you to the class teachers, Mr Clancy and Mr Egan for supporting them with their preparation.

Family Book Club is coming to Subiaco Primary

Do you want to spend more time reading together as a family?
In 2021, Subiaco Primary School brings you a monthly Family Book Club.
Each month brings a recommended book as a conversation starter for you to use with your family.
The books are available in our school library or may be available at the public library.

More information will follow via our fabulous CLPs.

Book Fair

Thank you to the Kindy CLPs and parents who helped out last week at the book fair. A special thank you to Amy Levitzke,  Christopher Markle and Doreen Demos who helped co-ordinate the event.

Congratulations to Shreya (LP4), Sanuthi (LP5), Zara (L1) and Mei (M3) who each won a $15 book voucher in the colouring competition and Liv (M1) for winning the Bakers Delight voucher.

The commission on the Book Fair was $2,900 which will be used to purchase additional resources for the school library. Thanks to everyone who made a purchase and helped support the library.

Year 6 Leavers T-Shirts Available To Purchase

The printers are all set to print the Leavers T-shirts for the Year 6 Class of 2021. Designs and sizes have been selected and we now need parents to purchase them so they are printed in time for Term 3.

The year 6 students are allowed to wear their Leavers T-shirts on Fridays during term and every day of the last few weeks of Term 4 (so you may wish to consider purchasing extra t-shirts). 

To purchase head to and please make sure you include your child’s name when ordering (at section 4) so that we know which child your order is for.  The shirts are $20 each and orders will close next Friday, 2 July so the printers can do a print run over the holidays. We are unable to take any orders after that date. Please note that you are not obligated to purchase the Leavers T-shirts, they are optional.

Email if you have any questions.

Friday Morning Chess Club

The Chess Club will recommence in Term 3, after the holidays, on Friday 23 July in the library before school from 7.30am till 8.30am.

Due to our club championship being underway no new members are able to join in Terms 3 & 4 but previous members may re-join.

Please click HERE for a registration/payment form


Term 3    
Week 2 29 July Year 3 M1 & M2 (Senior Yrs 3-6 attend)
Week 4 12 August Year 1 LP1 (Junior Yrs 1-2 attend)
Week 6 26 August Year 4 U5 (Senior Yrs 3-6 attend)
Week 8 9 September Year 1 LP3 (Junior Yrs 1-2 attend)
Week 10 23 September Year 5 U2 (Senior Yrs 3-6 attend)

A gentle reminder to parents taking photographs of their children at our assemblies, that for the privacy of others these photos should not be uploaded to any social media platform without permission if they include images of other students. Assemblies commence at 8.50am sharp at the Church Auditorium.

All community members attending the school assemblies at the Subi Church are reminded that out of respect for the church, we do not take food or drink (coffee) into the church auditorium.

Honour Awards

Anna Bennet Elijah Benson-Schmidt Max Bogle Lachie Bell
Kshanaya Bhujbal Junmin Kong Juliette Remond Shreya Desai
Harshiv Vijaya Prakash Suniti Subhrajita Aaria Sunil Mael Roby
Rishik Bollera Bopanna Vaishnavi Prabu Paxton Do Mark Xing
Ruksharaa Kiran Preithy Isabella Scholz Finley Sargent  

School Building Fund

This year the Subiaco Primary School Building Fund is raising funds to help promote and foster a learning environment that will help and support the needs of 21st Century learners. To this end, we will be seeking your support for our Learning in the 21st Century classroom refurbishing fund. Please read the attached document for more information.

All donations over $2 made to the Building Fund are tax deductible. The Building Fund issues receipts dated the day the funds are received so you can claim the deduction on your tax return. With the end of the tax year fast approaching we encourage our Subiaco families to donate prior to 30 June 2021.

We would like to thank our Subiaco families for their ongoing generosity. The P&C and The Building Fund raise funds to support the education of our children at Subiaco Primary School. Our aim is to fund activities and projects each year that might not otherwise acquire funding.

If you would like to make a donation to the Learning in the 21st Century initiative via The Building Fund, you can do so by Electronic Funds Transfer to The Building Fund account. The details are:
Account Name: Subiaco Primary School Building Fund
BSB: 016-460 (ANZ)
Account Number: 4981 44334

Please include your email address or your child’s surname and class number in the reference field so we can issue you with a receipt.

Our sincere thanks
Subiaco Primary School Building Fund Committee

From The School Psychologist

World Refugee Day falls on 20 June every year. In Australia this year, Refugee Week is held from 20 to 26 June. 

The theme for 2021 is Unity – The way forward; with the aspiration that Australians will work together to help foster a cohesive society by providing safe and welcoming communities for refugees.

Refugee Week aims to provide us with a better understanding of why refugees come to Australia, the many challenges they face getting here and when they arrive, how service agencies can ensure they are providing appropriate and targeted services to refugees.  The Week also gives us occasion to celebrate the contributions that refugees make to our community.

For more information on Refugee Week, visit

From the School Board Chair

In Week 8 the Board held the first meeting with our recently appointed Principal, Bea Bouska and we welcomed a Co-opted Community member, Danielle Giles to our team. Danielle was approached to join the Board as she is Executive Manager, Experience and Content of Scitech. In light of our current Business Plan focus of integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) to enhance real life learning, Danielle brings a wealth of skills and insight in this area and we look forward to working with her to maximise STEAM growth and opportunities. As Danielle was not elected by the school community she will not be able to vote in school decision making and at this stage her tenure is one year with a possible extension.

We reviewed the Department of Education (DoE) Statement of Expectations 2021-2024 which makes clear the expectations and responsibilities of schools in student achievement and progress in relation to the DoE strategic directions. This document was signed off by Bea and myself, and it underpins our school’s strategic planning and self-assessment. The Board has a key role in data analysis in terms of investigating what the data is telling us, identifying trends and monitoring progress towards our Business Plan targets and ensuring resources are allocated towards priority areas.

Pre-primary teachers completed On-Entry testing in Term 1 to inform their Literacy and Numeracy teaching. Our Board took the opportunity to interrogate this data, looking at how our students compared to similar schools, as well as schools across the state. The Early Childhood team have developed a clear plan, based on the data, of action to target areas of development whilst building on student strengths.

Reading For The Heart And Mind

The WA Branch of Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA WA) has launched a series of five online videos highlighting the benefits books and reading bring to readers from early childhood to young adults – Reading for the Heart and Mind.

The videos cover the important topics of Reading to Children, Imagination, Curiosity, Resilience and Self- Acceptance.

The Reading for the Heart and Mind web page resource:

We will include a link to one of the videos in each of the next five newsletters. This week is Resilience:

Fathering Project - Pick-up, Pizza and Paper Planes!

The Subi Dad's Group (part of the Fathering Project) proudly presents:

"Pick-up, Pizza and Paper Planes!"

On the last Wednesday of term, it’s Dad’s pick-up day! Take the opportunity to knock off early, pick the kids up from class and enjoys some Dads’ and Kids’ time.

Dads & Father Figures are going to give Mums the afternoon off, head to school for pickup and then convene in the new undercover area to test out and show off their paperplane-making skills. We'll order in some Pizzas and enjoy an on-campus dinner.

This event will take place on Wednesday 30 June, 3.30-6.00pm in the Undercover Area

Tickets can be booked at 

Sports News

Faction Cross Country
Last Friday we held our Faction Cross Country Event. It was a brilliant day all around. The sun was out which made for some great racing. All the students that competed gave it their all and did themselves proud.

This year the students were competing to become the Faction Cross Country Champions. Each student that competed received a point for their faction. Students who finished in the top 20 received a number of bonus points for their faction depending on their placing. As you will see from the results it was extremely close.

Julius – 635 points
Klein – 631 points
Llewellyn – 591 points

Congratulations to Julius for being the 2021 Cross Country Faction.

The Top 8 runners, boys and girls, from each year group were then selected to represent the school at the Interschool Cross Country on Wednesday 23 June. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and support the students today. Also, a big thank you to the class teachers who brilliantly prepared the students for the event. Click HERE to see the Top 10 place getters in each division.

2021 Interschool Cross Country
This Wednesday 64 students from Subiaco Primary competed in the 2021 City Beach Primary Schools Invitational Interschool Cross Country event. This event was held at City Beach Oval and had 800 competitors from 10 different schools compete.

The students completed a course that saw them run across both ovals and up some challenging hills. It was a perfect day for running and that was reflected in times. There were some seriously impressive run times posted across the event.

Our Year 3’s finished 6th, Year 4’s finished 6th, Year 5’s finished 3rd and Year 6’s finished 3rd. This gave us an overall placing of 5th. Which was a great result for our first time competing at this event.

More excitingly we had three students win a medal. A massive congratulations to:

Year 5 – Sienna Herring, 3rd Place
Year 5 – Ferdi Ellis, 3rd Place
Year 6 - Benjamin Wallbank, 2nd Place

All results can be found at Blue Chip Timing.

Thank you to all the parents that supported the day and that were able to come and cheers the team on. It was greatly appreciated by all.
We would also like to thank Emma Webb and City Beach Primary School for organising this event.

Click HERE for photos of the two events.


Year 5 Cosmos Consultant Incursion
Last Week the Year 5 students were lucky enough to have the great Cosmos Consultant Greg Rowbotham speak to us about our universe! The thing we loved most about Greg was that he was entertaining and taught us so much about space! 
He was from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) and studies space that is very far away! He told us many interesting facts such as ‘if you combine all of our galaxy’s planets they would still only take up 1% of the size of the sun!’ Greg made space sound really interesting and we all enjoyed the incursion! ~ Amber and Aarya (U2)

Other interesting facts we learned from Greg:
Light doesn’t travel instantly ~ Sean
We see things a nanosecond after they happen! ~ Olive
Scientists believe that our Galaxy started 13.8 billion years ago! ~ Charlie
Plasma happens when electrons overheat! ~ Felix
If you get sucked into a black hole, you will be spaghettified ~ but you won’t feel any pain! ~ Zoe

Click HERE for photos

Year 3 STEM Project.
The Year 3 students have been busy making kites for Design Technology.
Click HERE for photos from L2.

First Aid Club
This week the students from Years 5 & 6 completed four weeks of ‘First Aid Club’ with Madame Pennington and Mrs Gaunt. They had the opportunity to develop their first aid skills and grow their confidence to know how to use these skills in an emergency. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience which was reflected in comments such as:

I learnt about  DRRSABCD which is useful to help me know what to do in an emergency.
I know PPE and how to take gloves off safely.
loved gory stories time when we all shared emergency situations and how we handled them.

Click HERE for photos.

This month on SchoolTV - Friendship & Belonging

Learning how to make new friends and keep them involves a number of skills every young person needs to understand and develop. 

Positive friendships are an important part of the journey to adulthood. Adult carers can support their child or teenager by providing guidance in the many social and emotional skills required for a healthy relationship. This will help them to obtain, retain and maintain friendships. However, not all friendships are regarded as positive. Sometimes young people develop negative or toxic friendships. Therefore it is also important for them to learn how to identify, avoid or deal with such a friendship.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers can learn how to support their young person’s friendship so that they experience a sense of belonging.

Uniform Shop News

The Uniform Shop is now restocked with the popular long sleeved gold polo's.
There is an abundance of size 4, 8 and 10 with size 6 replenishment on the way.
As the cold weather continues the long sleeved polo's are a great warm layer worn with maroon track pants and polar fleece jackets! Dark maroon stretch gloves to keep little hands warm on the journey to school are available for only $6. These are an optional item, not a uniform requirement.

For Kindy and Pre-primary parents seeking size 3, 4 and 6 in royal blue zip jackets, plenty are available; cosy and warm for chilly days.

Simply place orders at our Online Store or visit the Uniform Shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8.30am - 10.30am.

E News

Kids Care About Climate Change
There's still time to enter the Kids Care About Climate Change Competition. Kids can draw/paint a picture of a tree, upload it at and for every entry 15 Trees will plant a tree.

Find more information visit

Community News

Click HERE for other Community News and School Holiday activities. This document includes information on activities available around our community for children and families.

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