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It’s hard to believe that November is here and our fall term is drawing to a close. It’s been an exciting time at the Institute, with a number of creative, community-driven ideas across our Ideas Lab, Hybrid@Andover, and Learning in the World program areas. Our call for 2017-2018 fellows is out, and we look forward to receiving in new proposals. 

Faculty fellows are leading continuing efforts, such as our work on mindfulness, in addition to new projects, such as an inquiry into mental skills training for peak performance. Students are energizing campus with ideas as well, recently through the “Campus Connectors” group. We are looking forward to launching five new online and hybrid Summer Session courses in 2017, building upon the successful debut of “Seeing in Patterns, Thinking in Code,” this past summer. 

We continue to plan for new and continuing Learning in the World offerings, all the while enjoying stories we hear from students’ summer travels. One student, during the August immersion trip for “Confluence,” was reminded of Henry Ford’s words: “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

I hope you enjoy this newsletter, and continue to check our Blog and events calendar regularly. We would love to see you on campus for one of our upcoming events!

Caroline Nolan
Currie Family Director


Tang Fellow Mark Cutler launched the Learning in the World Program “Confluence” with the August Immersion. A total of 10 students and four adults from four schools in the Merrimack Valley traveled throughout the region by canoe and by foot to consider how they might contribute to local sustainability efforts.


Meet our 2016-2017 fellows, who range from an instructor in biology who is deploying learning disposition strategies in her classroom to a collaboration between a history and English instructor who are developing a new course on the Haitian Revolution. We also put out our call for 2017-2018 fellowship proposals, due November 18!   


In recent years, there has been a considerable movement in education circles to embrace concepts that support students to develop a deeper understanding of their own learning. Noah Rachlin, Tang fellow and instructor in history and social science, is leading a survey project to collect a range of ideas for how teachers operationalize these concepts.

The Tang Institute is dedicated to cultivating and sharing innovative ideas that center on a common inquiry: How do we prepare students for an increasingly complex and interconnected world? The answers are varied, but Tang Institute pursuits are grounded in Andover’s commitment to connected learning, an educational approach that makes learning relevant to life and work in a digital age and global society. The Institute functions as an ideas lab, drawing together faculty, students, and partners to explore and develop promising, new approaches to teaching and learning—and to bring what’s working into the classroom and the wider world.
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