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Dear Business Partner,

In order to monitor PV systems reliably, software must be made more and more intelligent. At the same time, special learning procedures are essential for making accurate solar power forecasts. But does machine learning make everything better? Or could the use of self-learning systems pose new, unexpected challenges for us? We at meteocontrol addressed this issue during the “Hackerkiste 2018” event at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Our aim: to drive forward research work in a wide range of areas.

The latest edition of our newsletter looks at the following topics:

  • VCOM: Innovation by Experience
    Portlet center

  • blue’Log X series: Engineered to succeed
    Data quality – data transparency

  • Discontinuation: Power Control Station X-Series Compact
  • meteocontrol training sessions in 2019
  • 19th Forum «Neue Energiewelt»
  • meteocontrol international
  • Missed the WEBINAR?
    “VDE-AR-N 4110 – What will a power plant controller for PV systems need to do in the future?”

We wish you an interesting read,
The meteocontrol team

Photo: The team from meteocontrol at the “Hackerkiste 2018” event at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

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VCOM: Innovation by Experience

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Portlet center

Build your own dashboards even more quickly thanks to the completely new user interface and add portlets on a portfolio and system level with just a few clicks. The various portlets are listed according to categories and are shown in graphical form. Using the search function, you can find your desired portlet quickly and easily.

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blue’Log X series: Engineered to succeed

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We provided information regarding the configuration backup for the blue’Log XM / XC in the October edition of the newsletter. Transparency and quality when collecting and storing data in the PV monitoring system are also crucially important.

In light of this fact, we offer the following functions with the new blue’Log XM / XC:

Data quality – data transparency

  • Seamless data collection thanks to 24/7 operation
  • Quality of communication with inverters or other devices displayed
  • 1 minute interval values saved
  • Local data backup for at least 100 days
  • Automated and manual data retrieval

The blue’Log XM / XC therefore provides a good local data pool as a foundation for reliable operation management and data analysis as well as the successful use of artificial intelligence. 

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Discontinuation: Power Control Station X-Series Compact

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As part of our ongoing efforts to further develop our product portfolio, we constantly endeavor to take full advantage of the opportunities for improvements in the supply chain. We have therefore decided to discontinue the following product on 31.12.2018.

  • Power Control Station X-Series Compact: 592.728

The following items remain available:

  • Data Station X-Series Outdoor 592.722
  • Data Station X-Series Indoor: 592.723
  • Data Station X-Series Commercial: 592.724
  • Power Control Station X-Series Outdoor: 592.725
  • Power Control Station X-Series Indoor: 592.726
  • Power Control Station X-Series Commercial: 592.727

Did you know?

Our Data Station X-Series and Power Control Station X-Series can be individually configured for any application. We would be happy to offer you solutions for data recording and controlling your PV systems with customized technology and for a price to suit you. For example, the pre-wired control cabinets can be expanded by adding the following components:

  • Overvoltage protection
  • UPS with an extended battery life (up to 76 Ah)
  • Remote control system protocol converter (IEC 60870-5-101/-104, IEC 61850, DNP3)
  • Mobile router (GPRS, HSPA, LTE)
  • Fiber optic (FO) components (media converter and splice box)
  • Redundant power supply

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meteocontrol training sessions in 2019

We will continue our series of training sessions for meteocontrol hardware and the VCOM portal in the coming year as well. Are you interested? The following dates have been set:

blue'Log hardware: 03/19, 06/04, 07/16, 09/17, 11/26/2019

VCOM portal: 01/16, 02/13, 03/20, 06/05, 07/17, 09/18, 11/27/2019

For a binding registration, please send a message: sales@meteocontrol.com.

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At the 19th Forum Neue Energiewelt in Berlin, Martin Schneider will give a presentation entitled "More innovation through security – using a solar park as an example“. On the basis of an actual project, the Managing Director of meteocontrol will show how digitalization, data intelligence, IT security and gridcodes can be combined to create an innovative product.

Effective yield monitoring, reliable grid integration and IT security play an elementary role in ensuring a sustainable, clean energy supply around the world. That is our aim. We are driving it forward – with new ideas and a future-oriented approach!

Forum Neue Energiewelt, November 22-23, 2018 in Berlin

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meteocontrol international

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

meteocontrol’s participation in the Technology & Trends in Solar Industry 2018 conference in Dubai on October 29 was a complete success. Managing Director Martin Schneider together with Rouven Lenhart, Business Development & International Sales, MENA Region, gave a presentation entitled “PV Monitoring & Solar Power Forecasting”. The complex topic dealing with the importance and interaction of monitoring and solar power forecasts fascinated the organizer and participants in the conference alike.

We were also able to strengthen our already close partnership with Dubai-based PowerNSun, the organizer and a B2B e-commerce platform provider for PV components. In the future, PowerNSun will act as an authorized distributor for meteocontrol products in the United Arab Emirates.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica will become one of the world’s first countries to completely phase out the use of fossil fuels. Alexander Wolf, General Manager of our Central American subsidiary, found this out from the Costa Rican Energy Minister while visiting the country as part of a delegation. A motion regarding the decarbonization of the Costa Rican economy is due to be passed on December 1, 2018.

Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay

As part of a further delegation, our colleagues Roland Burger, Business Development & International Sales, LATAM & Central America, and Fernando de la Rosa, General Manager of the subsidiary in Chile, traveled to Argentina and Uruguay.

The GreenAR 2018 forum in Buenos Aires marked the start of the trip. meteocontrol’s presentation entitled “Professional monitoring for securing long-term photovoltaic yields” received enthusiastic feedback from the 160 people taking part. Given the country’s economic problems at the moment, Argentina’s PV market is still in its early days.

In contrast, virtually 100 percent of electricity in Uruguay is generated from renewable sources – primarily water and wind power. 230 MWp of installed PV power also contribute here. Our two colleagues met with interested companies and potential customers and were able to impress them with our products and services.

Photo: Fernando de la Rosa and Roland Burger (from left to right) at the GreenAR 2018 forum in Buenos Aires

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“VDE-AR-N 4110 – What will a power plant controller for PV systems need to do in the future?” is an explosive topic. This was demonstrated by our webinar with over 70 interested listeners.

Did you miss it? Contact us: sales@meteocontrol.com. We would be happy to send you the documents.


11/22-23, 2018 in Berlin

You can look forward to an interesting speech:

“More innovation through security – using a solar park as an example”

We hope to see you there and look forward to talking to you!


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