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After a five-hour cabinet meeting, Theresa May’s cabinet announced a Brexit withdrawal draft agreement the prime minister describes as “the best that could be negotiated”. Despite this, underlying divisions endure meaning it remains very likely parliament will reject May’s deal.

And an Australian researcher has explored how anti-Semitic images in Vienna were used to characterise Jewish people as an “Other” in the early twentieth century. Many of the cartoons featured do not necessarily encourage “violence and murder” but instead incite “banishment from the city and its social and political arenas,” echoing the modern nationalistic ideology of today.

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The cabinet hangs together, for now. Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Brexit draft deal agreed by British cabinet – but parliament’s approval remains unlikely

Robin Pettitt, Kingston University

Theresa May still faces a huge hurdle to get MPs in Westminster to agree to the Brexit deal.

Two women hug before placing flowers at the Star of David memorial in front of the Tree of Life Synagogue, two days after a mass shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jared Wickerham/AAP

How anti-Semitic stereotypes from a century ago echo today

Jonathan C. Kaplan, University of Technology Sydney

With anti-semitism on the rise around the world, it is timely to consider how images and media discourses can embolden hate crimes.

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